So the new Xbox Series X has launched and so have some great games alongside it. However, not only is the Xbox Series X expensive it is hard to even find one even if you do have the money to purchase it.

This has led to a lot of people wondering if they can play the latest Xbox Series X games on the older Xbox One consoles. After all, both have disc trays, so can you simply just put an Xbox Series X disc in an Xbox One and start playing? Let’s find out.

Do Xbox Series X Discs Work On Xbox One?

No, Xbox Series X discs will not work on the Xbox One or Xbox 360. These new games are not compatible with the older Microsoft consoles. This is for multiple reasons. Microsoft wants as many people as possible to purchase the new console and the older consoles are unlikely to have enough power to play the new AAA titles available on the Series X.

Do Xbox One Discs Work On Xbox Series X?

Yes, the Xbox Series X is backwards compatible meaning you can use your Xbox One discs on the Xbox Series X. This is a great feature Microsoft added allowing you to still play all those classic games you have purchased over the years.

You can also purchase older Xbox One titles from the Microsoft store and play them on your Series X without needing a disc. A lot of these titles can now be found at discount prices.

Do Xbox 360 Discs Work On Xbox Series X?

Yes, Xbox 360 Discs will also work on the Xbox Series X meaning you can play your favorite games from the Xbox 360 era. Again, many of these games can also be purchased through the Microsoft store without the need for the disc.

Do Original Xbox Games Work On Xbox Series X?

Yes, the Xbox Series X will play most backwards-compatible original Xbox games. Some backwards compatible Xbox and 360 games are now discontinued and can’t be purchased online anymore. The only way you will be able to play these games is with the original discs.

Do Original Xbox & Xbox 360 Games Work On Xbox One?

Yes, backwards compatible Xbox and Xbox 360 games will also work on the Xbox One console either with a disc or the digital download. You can find the full list of backwards compatible games below.

What Xbox Games Are Backwards Compatible?

There are thousands of backwards compatible games available to play on your Xbox Series X or Xbox One. You can find the full list of available games here.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it. The new Xbox Series X can play games from older consoles however you are unable to play Xbox Series X games on these older consoles. Unfortunately, if you want to play Xbox Series X exclusive games you will have to purchase one of the new Series x or Series S consoles.

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