Daphne “39Daph” Wai is a household name for avid variety watchers. She is the polar opposite of the stereotypical Canadian, with snarky remarks and notoriously sarcastic making up for most of her attraction. Watching 39Daph can sometimes be pretty therapeutic, with her “No-filter” approach resonating heavily with viewers and omitting the usual pr-tailored jargon synonymous with female streamers. 

This quickly led to her rapidly climbing the Twitch charts. This is especially surprising, considering a vast majority of her content derives from anime sketching. 

39Daph is currently dating famous Apex Legends streamer Brandon “ACEU” Winn. With the power couple coming out publicly in the Fall of 2021. Little to none is known about 39Daph’s dating life since she considers it a “personal matter.” 

If anyone can get entertained by a person drawing mundane anime (She refers to her own art as Mundane) on their lonesome, it should be a testament to how entertaining they are, although crediting the entertainment process on the back of a single streamer is asinine in nature. The majority of her content comes from chat themselves. 

There is a sense of warmth induced when a streamer that possesses 39Daph’s naivete is introduced to the debauchery of the internet. 

The image was taken from 39Daph’s Instagram

Daph’s sarcastic nature was a significant proponent of her immediate and very sudden success. Although she didn’t take well to her sudden stardom, she found a way to embrace it. Nonetheless, Daph’s attitude to her Twitch hasn’t changed since its inception, but the audience is drastically different. With a new audience to cater to, curious eyes will want to know and nit-pick every aspect of your life. 

Nowhere is this phenomenon more prevalent than in a public figure’s dating life. To appease the curious minds, we have done precisely that. 

The image was taken from 39Daph’s Instagram

Polar opposites attract. The story of Brandon “Aceu” Winn

Off the top of my head, we couldn’t think of two streamers that are so unalike. It resembles the story of MizKif and MayaHiga, but the roles are very much reversed. Daph is the more rowdy and rambunctious one, whereas Aceu is a calm, centered, and just a very well-rounded individual. A very humble person, considering he was the best Apex Legends player at the time and was grossing an average of 30,000 viewers per stream.  

As per 39Daph’s Twitch clip, she said she met Aceu at TwitchCon ( A convention for Twitch Fans), where she complimented his shirt, to which Aceu replied in a creaky voice, “Thanks.” The two immediately hit it off when they were paired together in a Twitch Rivals tournament. 

Aceu, being touted as one of Apex Legend’s best players, unsurprisingly carried the duo to a comprehensive victory and won the event as a whole. I’m pretty sure that left quite the first impression. After TwitchCon, they decided to get drinks together; the rest was history. 

This wasn’t the duo’s first encounter. In a tweet by Aceu in September of 2020, he said the following: 

The tweet was taken from Aceu’s Twitter 

The two can be seen as regulars on each other’s streams, with Daph usually coming in for the occasional roast. The two started living together in December of 2020, and although the two insisted that they were “Just friends’ it blossomed into much more. 

There is also a clip that is churning the rumor mill, where Aceu was playing Apex legends with another popular Apex legends streamer Daltoosh, where Daltoosh asked for a warcry, to which Aceu responded, “ The missus is sleeping.”

It might have been a witty remark at the end of the day, but fans went feral. The clip remains to this day one of his most watched clips and keeps fans guessing. He hasn’t come forward to explain the clip and stated that he “Left it for interpretation.” 

The two are still dating to this very day and still appear to be living together. Their relationship doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon; they have just celebrated their second anniversary, and Daph refers to Aceu as “The one.” 

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