Adin David Ross, aka Adinross, has been under the spotlight recently because of all the streams he has been doing with Andrew Tate. Many new watchers have been wondering how he lives his life, how old he is, and whether he has a girlfriend or not.

Yes, 21 y/o Adinross has a girlfriend. He is currently in a relationship with Pamela Garryoffy, a famous Tiktok celebrity from Dubai. Adin announced his relationship with Pami publicly in April of 2021.

We’ll be looking at Adin’s life and what kind of shenanigans he is up to these days on stream, especially those involving his girlfriend. 

(Picture taken from Adin’s Instagram)

Adin’s Relationship with Pamela Garryoffy

Ever since Adin announced his relationship with Pamela Garryoffy in April of 2021 via an Instagram post, she has appeared on his streams on and off, doing all kinds of fun things with him. 

Adin deleted the original post from his Instagram where he announced his relationship but a fan account has reposted it.

Pamela Garryoffy is also 21 years old and is currently living with Adin in Houston. She became famous as a Tiktok star, and currently has 7 million followers. She often posts videos on her channel where Adin can be seen chilling with her.

Adin and Pami also have a very sweet relationship on stream where they hang out, interact with chat and often express how much they are in love with each other.

Adin’s E-Dates

Adinross has recently started a new segment on his Twitch and Youtube channels where he invites famous female celebrities and has an “E-Date” with them, where he talks about all kinds of things and even lets his chat ask questions from the guest. 

He recently invited Abella Danger; a very famous adult film star and it turned out to be quite an enjoyable and chill stream. The date didn’t commence though, because Abella told him that she has a boyfriend and wouldn’t feel comfortable doing a flirty date.

Do E-Dates affect Adin and Pami?

Since Adin is inviting all these girls to his streams, many of his followers have been wondering whether things are cool between him and Pami. Whether they have broken up or not?

To answer all those questions, No, these fun E-Dates dont bother Pami, and Adin himself has told his guests that even though this is called an E-Date, he still has a girlfriend. Adin has also expressed many times that Pamela is the perfect girl and he intends to marry her.

We wish Adin and Pami all the best for their future and hope that their on-stream shenanigans continue to be as funny and wholesome as they currently are.

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