Amouranth is a tycoon in the Twitch sphere, and anyone with an audience as large as hers, people are bound to be interested in every facet of their life. Most notably, her relationship status. Is she single, dating, or married? We attempt to debunk the aforementioned question with a little digging of our own. 

No, Amouranth does not have a partner and is indeed single. She appears not to have been in a serious relationship for the better part of 7 years, her last relationship with Nick Lee being her only public one which ended back in 2015. 

Amouranth, aka Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa, is an American twitch streamer infamous for her raunchy, overtly sexual content and the debacle that is her “hot-tub” streams. 

Image is taken from Amouranth’s Twitch Channel

Amouranth’s relationship status is largely shrouded in secrecy which is quite admirable Letting the public dictate and nit-pick every aspect of a relationship between two human beings is bound to end up in disaster. This can take a toll on anyone’s mental health, especially in relationships. 

Marriage to Nick Lee 

The Nick Lee married to Amouranth saga is quite the tumultuous one; there are claims that the two are married to this day. There are documents to back up that claim where in 2018, the youtube “King Fame” posted an exposé of sorts titled “L OF THE DAY” claiming she was, in fact, married and was playing this single charade in the hopes of farming more subscriptions and donations. 

The escapade was first revealed by a disgruntled mod, where the screenshot claimed that she “hid the fact that she had a husband” in a conversation with the mod himself. She had married a person by the name of Nick Lee. The aforementioned screenshot is included below. 

In hindsight, there shouldn’t have been an issue deciphering whether or not the screenshot was doctored or not.

The screenshots were later debunked and ruled false, but the lingering afterthought of the “Single” persona that Amouranth portrays could have all been a ruse still nags her top donators to this day. Since there was also a marriage certificate unearthed, further supporting the claim and was proven to be accurate as of a year ago by Amouranth herself when she dubbed as a “Huge mistake in 2015” on a podcast with OTV, with the added caveat of her actually being married when she was the self-proclaimed “Most eligible bachelorette.” 

This rubbed fans the wrong way and got so bad to the point where she threatened legal action against “King Fame” for blatant slander. 

Second “Relationship”

Her second relationship was also an alleged one, with a no-confirm nor deny treatment offered to anyone trying to pry. Allegedly, on the 18th of March 2022, Amouranth tweeted “INTRODUCING MY NEW BF I MET IN LA!” a satirical tweet at heart, but caused a massive uproar among her already angsty teenage audience. The “Boyfriend” later turned out to be a mannequin, to much of the viewer’s delight since most of them see Amouranth as a potential partner. To which she admitted to playing up to appease her “Parasocial” fanbase. 

Image Taken From Amourant’s Twitter

Amouranth Twitch Statistics

If anyone knows how to play the Game of twitch, it would be Amouranth. Racking up 5.2 million followers on twitch with a total of 401 million views. She currently has a sub count of 16 thousand, which roughly translates to $80,000 per month. A genuinely mind-boggling amount. 

Even with the recent bans and the imminent danger of Twitch banning her content niche, she is a staple in the Twitch community. A true Twitch streamer at heart and, in the words of former OTK member and fellow Twitch streamer Mizkif, “A ruthless businesswoman.” 

Who is Amouranth dating right now? 

The mystique of Amouranths dating life is as much of a question to you as it is to me. With the constant “single-baiting” rumors surfacing every now and then. It is believed that Amouranth is indeed single, which in her niche works to her advantage. 

Regardless, based on her previous “alleged” relationships, she would, and I quote :
“I would keep my relationships private since it brings nothing but trouble.” The risk of losing a significant portion of her fans just off of her dating status is a risk that she isn’t willing to take and is a good barometer for all influencers alike to follow suit. 

So, as of yet, Amouranth seems to be single with no potential partner in sight. Good luck lads!

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