Hasan Piker also known as Hasanabi on Twitch and all other socials is a 31-year-old Turkish streamer who is known for his wild political takes and entertaining “Just Chatting Streams”. Hasanabi rarely talks about the personal aspects of his life on stream and that’s why many of his fans have been curious to know whether he has a girlfriend or not.

No, Hasanabi does not have a girlfriend and is currently single. He is however rumored to be dating Pokiman however both influencers have strongly denied these claims.

Read up on this article to find out about Hasan’s sexuality, his relationship status, and how he handles all the rumors surrounding his relationship with Pokimane.

Is Hasanabi Gay?

There has been a stage where people were wondering whether Hasanabi was Gay or Straight. Speculating all kinds of things about him. Rest assured, Hasan is not part of the LGBTQ+ community but he does support them quite often on his streams and often fights for their rights as well. 

He has made it clear that he is straight on multiple occasions including the stream we are linking below:

Rumors Surrounding Hasanabi and Pokimane

(Picture taken from Hasanabi’s Twitter)

Any time Hasan hangs out with other twitch streamers or friends, especially women, his chat starts asking him whether he is dating them or not. A similar situation occurred when some of his fans started asking him about Pokimane.

Pokimane has been on Hasan’s streams quite a few times where they end up talking about many different things, playing interactive games with chat, or just goofing around.

She and Ariasaki once overtook Hasan’s stream and went through his dating app, giving the Turkish streamer some much-needed advice on the topic at hand. Here is a link to the entire stream if you want to check it out yourself:

Reacting to Rumors

Needless to say, Hasanabi was not pleased by his fans constantly bothering him with the same thing every day and straight up negated any such rumors, telling his chat to calm down and not assume things.

Imane also had a similar reaction on her stream regarding these rumors, where she went ahead and said:
“I’m sorry, this is really gross. I really don’t like this. Ehh…. nu-uh. You know, I tried… to separate myself from people once all that started happening. It was just gross.”

Hasan’s reaction to Poki’s comment can also be seen in the attached link where he just looks at the camera and says “ …. Cool”.

As avid Hasanabi watchers, we are quite excited to see where Hasan’s love life ends up and whether he discloses those details on stream or not. But for now, this is all we can tell you on whether Hasanabi has a girlfriend or not.

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