What a time September was for Twitch streamers. With the myriad of scandals, scams, and the plethora of controversial behavior. With the likes of ItsSliker’s farce uncovered, Mizkif was also in the crosshairs.

With old friend of Mizkif and past co-worker, Ice Posiden, released Discord direct messages with him using racially disparaging and homophobic language as well as harboring an alleged sexual abuser that was his close friend CrazySlick. 

The image was taken from MizKif’s twitter

The aforementioned behavior led to him releasing a public statement stating your normal pr-trained celebrity response. To which fans called him out, consequentially being dropped from his gaming organization OTK (One True King). The controversy was a real eye-opener for Mizkif’s fans (Which I am) and further proves the saying “Don’t get to know your heroes”. 

Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo is a twitch streamer and began his streaming career in 2016, to which he streamed to a couple of viewers but slowly gained traction, which he did. 2018 was when Mizkif “Blew Up”,  his streams with his friends and other streamers alike made for a great viewing experience and propelled him to the status of a superstar. Regularly pulling thirty thousand viewers just reacting to TikToks, is a feat that most streamers can’t accomplish, but it is the niche that MizKif has carved for himself. 

No, Mizkif does not have a girlfriend. Mizkif is currently single, his most recent serious relationship was a fan favorite. He dated fellow streamer MayaHiga for two years, and they lived together. The streamer couple broke it off on in September of 2021, and the duo has not been in any committed relationships since. MizKif’s past relationships are very much a private matter and shrouded in mystery. 

The image was taken from MizKif’s Instagram

With the eyes of the world on you at all times, curious minds want to know more about you. What type of food does he/she eat etc. Nowhere is this phenomenon more apparent than when talking about a public personality’s dating history. 

The girl that was “Too good for him.” The tale of Maya “MayaHiga” Higa

The saying “Polar opposites attract” was very much the tale of MizKif and MayHiga. MizKif was the very caricature of the typical “Gamer,” whereas MayaHiga was a college student studying Agricultural education and communication and a vocal conservationist. A match made in heaven. 

The image was taken from Maya’s Instagram 

LSF (Live Stream Fails) subreddit was very much the catalyst for Mizkif and MayaHiga relationships, where clips of her talking to her animals caught the interest of a “Painfully Single” MizKif. They soon started talking online in secrecy, to which they ultimately met physically in California. 

The two streamed the “Date,” insisting it was nothing more than two friends “Hanging Out,” but the chemistry was palpable. The duo had a very knight in shining armor dynamic, but instead of MizKif being the said knight. It was Maya saving him from, and I quote, “A complete degenerate lifestyle.” 

The two met up once again when MizKif saw a clip of Maya failing to assemble a PC but in Austin, Texas, this time. The meetups became more prolonged, and through the passage of time, the couple officially came out publicly and announced that they were, in fact, dating for the last six months in July of 2019. 

The two quickly became Twitch’s power couple and spent every waking moment with each other. To which fans were receptive. They loved the extended cameos, and Maya quickly became a regular in MizKif’s streams to the point where it was abnormal not having her on.

During their two years long courtship, MizKif founded OTK (One True King), a gaming organization, and Maya founded Alveus Sanctuary, a non-profit exotic animal sanctuary. When we say they we’re polar opposites, that dynamic can not be understated. 

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and MizKif and Maya’s sudden breakup left a lot of fans scratching their heads. Nothing about the relationship indicated their premature separation. 

MizKif and Maya Announced their breakup in Twitlonger, stating that they were slated to get married at one point, and the breakup wasn’t on the basis of any event, such as cheating or drama. Drilling in the fact that it was a mutual decision in which both parties decided that it was best for them and their careers. 

The tweet was taken from Mizkif’s Twitter

MizKif and Maya’s squabbles were kept primarily out of the limelight and are a great barometer of how anyone in the influencer sphere should approach public relationships. 

The two are still cordial, attending the same events such as “Sh*tCamp.” Even with the prying eyes that a public relationship affords, their Twitch careers don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Breaking their personal viewership record and all-time sub-goals time and time again. 

The hope that they might get back together is a far-fetched one, but as an avid viewer of MizKif of Maya during the two years they’d spent together, I yearned for more. We hope that the two can agree to settle their differences since the content they’d produced together was, in my humble opinion, the “Golden Era Of Twitch.”  

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