Warzone 2 has just been revealed by Activision. The new battle royale, which will be based on Modern Warfare II’s game engine, will feature a brand new map and is acclaimed to have a completely standalone experience.

Will Progress Transfer From Warzone 1 To Warzone 2?

warzone 2 transfer progress

No, progress from Warzone 1 will not move over to Warzone 2. As confirmed by Activision in a recent blog post, player inventories, stats, Blueprints, and progressions will remain independent in Warzone 2:

Today’s Warzone will continue as a separate experience that will include a continuation of player progression and inventories within that Warzone experience. 


The developers have also confirmed that Warzone 2 will have a completely new inventory and progression system. This is the primary reason we won’t see progression being carried over to the newer title.

As apparent, this news is a bummer to anyone who’s shelled out money on Warzone 1. After all, we’re going to be seeing a massive migration of players to the newer title as soon as it’s released.

Not all hope is lost, though; Activision has confirmed that Warzone 1 will still remain a singular entity and will be supported for the foreseeable future. How long that future lasts? We’re yet to find out. However, if Warzone 2 will live up to its claims, we can expect the previous title to lose its relevance in 1-2 years.

Will Skins And Camos Be Transferred To Warzone 2?

No, your skins, camos, and Blueprints will not be transferred to Warzone 2. In fact, there’s a likelihood that most weapons in the game will not be the same as we’ve grown accustomed to in Warzone 1.

terminator bundle warzone 1
Terminator Bundle

Moreover, Warzone 2 will be launching with a plethora of its own unique camos and skins. So, if you wanted to play as the Terminator, you’ll have to do so in Warzone 1. (For now, because he might always come back..)

Will My Levels Be Transferred To Warzone 2?

No, your levels will not be transferred to Warzone 2. In essence, you’ll start completely from zero and won’t have any Prestige or stats even if you use the same account you did for Warzone 1.

While we anticipate that Activision may use your stats when you first boot up to the game to match you in equally skilled lobbies, you won’t be able to transfer your K/D ratio or assists for better or worse.

Activision seems to be turning a new leaf with Warzone 2. Following the critical acclaim of the original Warzone, do you think players will quickly be switching from one title to the other? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!