Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek is the man living every teenage boy’s dream. Millions of dollars in the bank and a sizable audience to match. Shroud has checked every tick on the teenager’s bucket list and is currently involved in doing side-quests. Amongst his many endeavors include his quaint dating life. 

Shroud is a man of a few words, but, on the rare occasion he does reveal something saucy, the audience eats it up like candy. This phenomenon was never more apparent than when he decided to come public with his relationship with his previous partner Jessica Rago. 

As of current, Shroud is, in fact, in a happy and committed relationship. He describes his current relationship with Hannah “Bnans” Kenny as “endgame.” His previous relationship with Jessica Rago was a short-lived one. With its entirety spanning just a couple of months. 

The Origins Of Shroud

Shroud is what gamers call a gift straight from the heavens; a true student of the sport that is playing video games coupled with a likable personality makes for a potent combo. After all, he was the most subscribed streamer once. 

Shroud is as much a pillar of the streaming community as Sodapoppin, Summit2G. If there’s a new first-person shooter game out, everyone flocks to Shroud. After all, he specializes in obliterating the opposition with hit pixel-perfect mechanics. 

Shroud began his e-sports gaming career in CSGO (Counter Strike Global Offensive) on the eve of CSGO’s release, team hopping till he found some semblance of a foundation. He finally found that when he was scouted by C9, and the rest is history. 

With his quick rise to superstardom and the myriad of accolades under his belt, all that attention is bound to attract women, but Shroud keeps his relationship details under wraps. With a little bit of elbow grease and a whole lot of prying, here’s what we’ve gathered.

The tumultuous tale of Jessica Rago 

The Shroud and Jessica Rago saga was nothing to write home about. Although the vast majority of their relationship has never seen the light of day, for the brief times they were onstream together, it just seemed uncomfortable. Even though we might know the in’s and out’s of their relationship, the sparks just weren’t there. 

The way the two met is because of the theory that they were in the same industry and the right place, right time kind of thing. Shroud was talent signed to the gaming agency “Loaded.gg” here. Jessica worked as a talent manager. The two immediately hit it off since Shroud joined loaded in 2018 and came out as a couple in February 2019. It got quite serious since they parents two dogs, Troy and Miso

Alas, the relationship was relatively short-lived, with Jessica Rago tweeting their split. 

The image is taken from Jessica Rago’s twitter

The split bamboozled fans to no end since nothing about the relationship would have indicated Jessica’s unexpected departure. Even though the tweet stated that the split was a mutual decision, this was around the time when Shroud signed his deal with streaming platform Mixer. Coincidence? I think not. 

Shroud’s current girlfriend Hannah “Bnans” Kenney 

The image is taken from Bnan’s Instagram

Although the road seemed cold and desolate, as per Shroud’s quote, this opened up the doors to meet his current partner Hannah “Bnans” Kenney. The two would play R6 as regulars on Shroud’s channel. She was a semi-well-known streamer at the time, averaging 200 viewers. Until one fruitful evening when she asked to join his squad with Shroud’s close friends Just9n and Skadoodle.

The two immediately kicked it off, and would end up playing games like PUBG, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Seige, and Destiny 2 together. This lasted a total of six months, with the unexpected caveat of Shroud’s ex-girlfriend Jessica Rago posting a series of disgruntled Instagram stories.

Although the images from this story could not be retrieved, the picture depicted Shroud looking at Bnans with love-struck eyes. Jessica Rago posted the eyes emoji on the story indicating that she felt pretty uneasy with the way  Shroud looked at a “Friend.” This is the only evidence of any outburst that Jessica Rago has ever had. She immediately took the story down and left the story up for interpretation. 

Since then, Shroud and Bnans have made considerable strides in their relationship, with the couple moving in together and adopting a kitten. 

Shroud chose a different approach to his relationship with Bnans. The two are very much public, which is a stark difference from his ex-girlfriend Jessica Rago. We can only hope the best for Shroud and Bnans since they seem very much in love. Shroud is infatuated by Bnans and this is also the case vice-versa. The two seem like a match made in heaven.

Wrapping Up

 That’s everything we currently know about Shroud and his dating life. If we find out anything else, we will be sure to update this article.

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