Thomas “Sodapoppin” Morris’ relationship status has been a hot topic of discussion within the twitch community for the last year. With no live sighting of Soda with his supposed ‘girlfriend’, Veibae, since March of 2022, it’s only natural to doubt if something has happened between the two.

No, as of now Sodapoppin is single. He did share a few months together with Veibae towards the end of 2021, and at the start of 2022, but recently called it ‘quits’ in a supposedly staged argument on Mizkif’s livestream.

So, what’s the endgame with Sodapoppin and Veibae? With Soda being very conservative and private about his personal life, we’re going to analyze all the facts in public, and go over what exactly happened with his relationship this year.

How Did Sodapoppin and Veibae Meet?

Both of them met towards the fall of 2021 on Mizkif’s Parasocial show which featured “VTubers vs. Degen’s”. Soda and Vei, both were in opposition to each other.

What happened afterwards? Mizkif elaborated that the two of them would continue to frequently interact on discord, going as far as to spend entire nights together just talking to each other. This would show on live streams, as both of them would stream League of Legends together quite often.

During this time, there had been no official announcement by either of them, but the Twitch community thought it was pretty evident that the both of them were together. In the midst of all of this, Mizkif would at often times remark how he found Soda love, and that his act of being a ‘Cupid’ might have actually worked for once.

A viewer on Sodapoppin’s stream asked him about the rings on his finger and inquired if he had actually been engaged? Soda was quick to come to the clarification in which he said that the two of them were getting married in a very ‘ironic’ way.

“Yeah, we’re getting married. It’s really cringe. I got these rings on Amazon for $20.”

In the public, Soda had mostly disregarded the speculation around his relationship by declaring it as an ‘ironic’ one. But, it wouldn’t be long before things would take a turn for the worse.

Why Did Mizkif and Veibae Break Up?

In a cursed fate, Mizkif’s show ‘Schooled’ would then become the reason for Soda and Veibae’s separation later on. The two streamers acted as if they were arguing with each other, and the stream ended with Veibae announcing that they were no longer together.

You might have noticed how we wrote ‘acted’ in that sentence. But, it looks as if things got pretty serious as the pair haven’t been spotted streaming live together, or really anywhere since the month of March. It would be then safer to assume that the couple are not dating anymore.

The Aftermath

Thomas has continued to thrive on Twitch, and has even become the co-owner of a gaming organization that goes by ‘One True King’, on the 21st of July. We haven’t seen him interact with Veibae in the past few months, as he would initially at the start of 2022. 

They both look happy continuing their streaming shenanigans on Twitch with their respective audiences, and every now and then, they’ll get a message mocking their supposed relationship, to which both of them rightfully make fun of the person making said comments.

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