Have you started streaming and are excited to get your first few viewers into your stream. Honestly there isn’t much more exciting than getting them first viewers. However you have probably noticed spam bots entering your chat, posting adverts (usually about some way to get more viewers). You may also be wondering if your Stream Elements or other chat bot is counting as a viewer on your stream.

Seeing that viewer counter go up is great but we want to make sure that they are actually real viewers. Let’s jump in and find out what actually counts as a view on Youtube.

Does StreamElements Count As A Viewer On Twitch?

No, your Streamelements bot will not count as a viewer on your stream. While the bot will connect to your chat this does not count as a viewer on on your view count. Your bot will never have your stream pulled up watching it. It will however be connected to your chat and you will see it in your user list. This user list will show bots that are connected to your chat and lurkers that are in the chat but are not connected to your stream.

You can check your “Users in chat list” by clicking the Users in chat icon at the top of your chat.

Users In chat

Do Bots Count As Viewers On Twitch?

No, bots do not count as viewers on Twitch. Just like the streamelements bot all other bots will connect to your chat but will not count as a viewer on your viewer count. However spam accounts that come in and send messages in your chat may appear as a viewer in your viewer count.

Who Is Included In Your “User In Chat” List Twitch

When you look at your Users in chat list on Twitch you may see some usernames that are unfamiliar. These are likely to be bots you have added to your chat, viewers that are lurking in your stream but not watching or people who are in “chat only” mode on mobile. This list is counted separately from your viewer count.

Who Is Included In Your Twitch Viewer Count?

When you look at your viewer count, this is made up of people who are viewing your video live at any one time. This can come from your Twitch channel page, Twitch home page and even an embed of your stream on a website. Even if users are not logged into Twitch, they will still count as a viewer.

Wrapping Up

You now know who is being counted as a viewer on your Twitch stream. You will be happy to know that bots such as stream elements are not counting as viewers in your stream, so if you see an extra viewer pop in, there’s a good chance it’s a real viewer. Make sure to chat to them!

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