Picture this, it’s a Friday evening and you just got home from a long day of work. The first thing you want to do is go on your Xbox and play Back4Blood. Unfortunately, there are a few problems. Your Xbox needs to update, the game you want to play needs to update. Oh, and your internet is misbehaving for some reason. This just turned a seemingly chill Friday evening into a nightmare. But have no fear! So, does the Xbox download faster in sleep mode or not? Let’s find out.

Does The Xbox Download Faster In Sleep Mode?

Depending on your internet provider, download speeds may vary but typically when a person is downloading a game or an update on their Xbox it feels like it takes forever! In some cases, you might need to continue your download overnight. This begs the question if turning on sleep mode on your Xbox makes the downloading speed any faster. In short, yes. Though there may not be a tremendous speed boost, downloading in sleep mode can be helpful. Sleep mode will allow your game to peacefully download while you do other things like cook or sleep. This also prevents your Xbox from overheating as it normally would if you were downloading a rather large file with sleep mode turned off.

How do I turn on Sleep Mode On Xbox?

Sleep mode is useful because it conserves the energy of your Xbox. You can enable sleep mode on your Xbox by following a few simple steps.

  1. Go to your profile and click on settings
  2. Click on general
  3. Click on energy/saving and switch to instant-on

From there you can click the X on your Xbox console and it should be in sleep mode.

Though sleep mode can be helpful during the downloading experience there are other things you can do to further your luck with downloading. Whether you put your console on sleep mode or not, here are some tips to consider which can provide a better downloading experience.

Tips For Making Downloads Faster On Xbox

 Close all idle apps and games

Any game hanging in the background can impact your speed. Your Xbox will be fighting to keep up with the apps you already have open while simultaneously trying to download more content. Closing everything and focusing on one download at a time is sufficient.

Make sure there aren’t too many devices pressuring your internet connection

Disconnect any unnecessary device that is on your internet. If you are not using your laptop, disconnect it. If you have an iPad sitting on your desk that you aren’t currently using, disconnect it. The few devices you have connected to your internet, the better.

 Use an Ethernet Cable

Ethernet cables are relatively inexpensive. If you have poor internet connection or share your internet with multiple people, this can be extremely helpful. Essentially, what an ethernet cable does is connect your device directly to your internet router which in turn gives your console a stronger connection to the internet.

Make sure no other downloads are happening

This essentially ties into the first tip. The less you have going on in your Xbox, the better. If you are downloading two things at the same time, it will make your progress go slower. Simply pause any excess downloads so you can focus on one at a time.

Restart your Xbox

If everything else fails, restart your Xbox. Sometimes the changes you make don’t immediately register so starting fresh should do the trick.

Reboot your router

If restarting your Xbox does not work do not panic. Instead, reboot your internet router and follow the previously mentioned steps.

Checking Your Download Speed

Now that you know how to get your downloads going faster, you’re probably wondering “How do I check my download speed on my Xbox?” Here’s what you need to do. Press the Xbox symbol on your controller to open your guide menu and click on settings. Then you can scroll to network and click on network settings. Finally, scroll to detailed network statistics and all your information should be available. You can check your download speed and other information regarding your Xbox here. The higher your number for your download speed is, the better.

Checking Your Internet Speed

Now that you know your download speed, you should also know your internet speed. This can be done by simply using speedtest.net. Just go to the website www.speedtest.net and press GO and in a few seconds your report should be ready. You can also download the app for Android and IOS.

How Long Does It Take for Xbox Games to Download?

Download speeds can vary depending on your location and internet provider. Typically, a download can range from about 1 hour to 4 hours. Sometimes a download can take an entire day depending on how big the file is and if other factors are interfering with your internet speed.

Wrapping Up

All in all, it can be frustrating when you come home from a long day and can’t access your favorite game titles due to waiting on long downloads. Planning ahead and being mindful of how many devices you have connected to your internet can be a great help. You don’t need to be a computer master or internet wiz to understand how these downloads work. Patience is necessary as everything will not go sonic fast, but these tips should serve useful when it comes to downloading content for your Xbox.

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