The Xbox Series X is the premium next-generation console from Microsoft that targets 4K resolution up to 120 FPS. It claims to be the most powerful console that you can buy right now. So is it worth getting if you have a 1080p TV? And does it even work if you do not have a 4K TV? In this article, we answer those questions and more.

Does The Xbox Series X Need A 4k TV?

The Xbox Series X does not need a 4K TV, but it is recommended that you have one in order to get the best experience possible and take advantage of the power that the console has to offer. 

If your display has a resolution lower than 4K then you can take advantage of the higher refresh rate. Playing games at 1080p 60 FPS is going to be a much smoother experience compared to 4K 30 FPS. The console works with all kinds of different resolution displays such as 4K, 1440p, 1080p, and even 720p. 

Do note that if your TV or monitor is very old then you might not get a decent gaming experience. We do recommend going for a 1080p TV at the bare minimum if you do not want to spend money on a 4K TV.

Will The Xbox Series X Work On A 1080p TV?

Will the Xbox Series X work on a 1080p TV? Yes, the Xbox Series X works perfectly fine with a 1080p TV. The console works with all kinds of different resolution displays such as 4K, 1440p, 1080p, and even 720p. You can take advantage of the performance of the console by running games at 1080p 60 FPS which is much smoother than the previous generation 1080p 30 FPS targeting consoles. 

More frames per second translate to a much smoother experience that you can see in feel. In competitive titles such as Call of Duty, you can turn the refresh rate up to 120 FPS provided that your TV or monitor supports high refresh rates. Even when you are sticking to 60 FPS, the overall gameplay experience is going to be much better in single-player and competitive titles. 

Will The Xbox Series X Make A 1080p TV Look Better?

In some cases, games can look better even if you are using a 1080p TV. If games that you play are rendered at 4K and then scaled down to 1080p then they will look much better. 1080p super-sampled looks better than native 1080p. You will also get smaller noticeable improvements such as better anti-aliasing and additional graphical detail. 

This depends on how the game has been developed and how the developer has optimized the game. In most cases, you should get a better-looking game compared to the previous generation consoles even if you are sticking with the same TV.

Is the Xbox Series X Worth It Without A 4k TV?

Yes, it is worth getting even if you do not have a 4K TV. Despite the marketing, being able to hit 4K is just one of the features that the Xbox Series X has. You also get higher refresh rates, lower input lag, a smoother experience, a faster SSD, HDR support, Ray Tracing, and Quick Resume.

Even if you have a 1080p display, you can take advantage of better anti-aliasing and a higher degree of detail in-game as mentioned before. You also get a much faster SSD that loads games in seconds and allows the console to boot instantly. HDR is another game-changer that increases immersion and gives you better image quality as long as your display supports the feature.

Xbox Series X is also capable of ray tracing if it is supported by the game. Ray tracing works at 1080p anyway and you cannot run games at 4K 60 FPS with ray tracing on. You are limited to 30 FPS in the best cases. I would recommend going with the higher refresh rate rather than better image quality or ray tracing. The Xbox Series X also has the Quick Resume feature that allows you to switch between different games and pick up where you left off almost instantly.

If you have a TV that supports HDMI 2.1 or are planning on getting one then you can take advantage of features such as Variable Refresh Rate, Auto-Low Latency Mode, Quick Frame Transport, and Enhanced Audio Return Channel.

All things considered, you are not paying just for 4K but for the overall experience. So the Xbox Series X is worth getting even if you do not have a 4K TV. You can upgrade down the line.

Does The Xbox Series X support HDR for 1440p or 1080p monitors?

The Xbox Series X supports HDR across the board. If your display has HDR support then the console is going to take advantage of it no matter the resolution. HDR is not linked to resolution, so there are HDR TVs that have 1080p resolutions. 1440p is not a common resolution on TVs and is used mainly by gaming monitors.

Do You Need HDMI 2.1 For 120HZ

You do not need HDMI 2.1 for 120Hz refresh rates at 1080p and 1440p. You do however need HDMI 2.1 for 120 FPS at 4K resolution or 8K 60 FPS. So you really don’t need the new HDMI standard if you are not planning on getting a 4K TV. If you are getting one then you should get a model that has HDMI 2.1 for future-proofing. 

HDMI 2.1 does support Variable Refresh Rate, which reduces screen tearing and motion stutter. The new standard also supports Auto-Low Latency Mode and Enhanced Audio Return Channel for higher quality audio. 

With all that out of the way, the Xbox Series X is a great console that offers an impressive gaming experience with or without a 4K TV. Even if you do not have a 4K TV, you can take advantage of the higher refresh rate, HDR, and faster SSD. You can always upgrade to a 4K TV down the line. 

Wrapping Up

You should now have a better idea of what to expect when you receive your Xbox Series X. You don’t need to worry if you do not have a 4K TV. You can always upgrade in the future to a 4k Display. If you haven’t got your console yet you can check out the best price on Amazon below.

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