Garnering over a million followers online, Tyler Faraz “TrainwrecksTV” Niknam has amassed a plausible amount of dedicated viewers with hundreds and thousands of eyes that are not only interested in his persona on-screen but the one-off-screen as well. Fans are quick to jump to questions, particularly ones that discuss their star’s relationships or marital statuses. So, what’s the consensus?

Yes, TrainwrecksTV is currently dating Kayla, who goes by the handle FelisseTV. Both of them have been public about their relationship and have been living together in Vancouver, Canada, for the past few years.

The power couple has been together for 5 years now and seems to be in a strong long-term relationship with the occasional hiccups.

Who is Kayla “@FelisseTV”?

Kayla is an influencer herself, going by FelisseTV on both Instagram and Twitter. She even used to be a Twitch streamer until she was banned from the platform for inappropriate behavior on the stream.

The two love to show off their relationship online, as is evident from the two’s back-and-forth tweets. Our particular favorite one is TrainwreckTV, unfortunately announcing his new boyfriend.

But, they’ve had a bit of a rocky companionship as well. Fans have noticed how the two will often break up, only to get back together soon after.

Since Kayla still features TrainwrecksTV in her bio on Twitter, it’s safe to assume that the two are still together.

Tyler even referenced Kayla in his post on Twitter.

Tyler and Kayla’s Life Together

The two have been sharing an apartment in Vancouver together and seem to be living just fine now. It looks like the sturdy part of their relationship has ended, and they’ve gotten to a more peaceful phase in their life.

As of recent, both of them have been fairly conservative about their relationship and haven’t been engaging online as much, which can only mean that they have mutually decided to keep their personal life private as things might be getting a little serious.

Last year, Tyler had to deal with a stream sniper in real life when someone from outside his apartment started shining a green laser through his window.

This was definitely concerning for him, as he then discussed it with Kayla and decided to close the blinds. It was a disturbing occurrence, and chat was quick to point out that this was someone from his community that pulled the stunt.


The couple has been doing fine in 2022 as well and seems to still be having their friendly banter every now and then, although much less compared to what they used to have. Considering the nature of their relationship might have moved to the next level, it’s only wise to keep their ongoings private and personal.

We wish them the best of luck moving forward, as their five-year-long relationship is definitely a huge achievement. They’ll soon be celebrating their sixth anniversary on the 25th of January in 2023!

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