Have you spotted someone on Twitch who is clearly cheating in their games? Maybe, you’re wondering why they are allowed on Twitch. That brings us to the question, does Twitch Ban cheaters?

Let’s jump in and find out what Twitch’s rules are around cheating on their platform.

Does Twitch Ban Cheaters?

Yes, Twitch will ban someone from their platform if they are found to be cheating, assuming their is enough evidence to prove they have been cheating.

This is what Twitch states about cheating it its Terms of Service:

Any activity, such as cheating, hacking, botting, or tampering, that gives the account owner an unfair advantage in an online multiplayer game, is prohibited. This also includes exploiting another broadcaster’s live broadcast in order to harass them in-game, such as stream sniping.

So, if you have been thinking about cheating your way to fame on Twitch, don’t! Sooner or later you will get banned and worse than that the community will lose respect for you.

Can You Report Cheaters On Twitch?

Yes, if you believe that somebody is cheating you can report them on Twitch. Follow the steps below to report someone for cheating on stream:

  1. Navigate to the Streamers channel on Twitch
  2. Click on the 3 dots below their video on the right hand side
  3. Click on Report User
  4. Twitch will ask you where the problem is, click on in their live stream. They will then give you a list of things to report them for. At the bottom select “Give me more options”.
  5. On this list you will see an option to report the streamer for cheating in an online game
  6. Click on next and fill out a report on how they were cheating
  7. Submit your report

You have now successfully reported the streamer for cheating. You should only report someone if you have actual proof someone is cheating. There are a lot of people who claim cheating left and right when the person is just good at the game. Don’t be that person.

Do All Cheaters Get Banned On Twitch?

It seems that not all cheaters get banned on Twitch. In a high profile $75k Warzone tournament a streamer was accused of cheating but did not receive any punishment from the tournament or from Twitch.

Will I Get Caught Cheating On Twitch?

Some people are able to hide their cheats really well, while others blatantly use them and don’t care. For example we have seen some cheaters create a Twitch account and Stream snipe popular streamers while revealing their cheats on stream. Obviously they don’t care as it is a throwaway account.

Others will get away with cheating for a long time as they hide their cheats well and only use cheats that aren’t obvious. For example they might use something like wall hacks in Warzone to help them out with enemy positions. While this is a huge advantage it’s hard for people to prove they are using it.

Sooner or later though most of these cheaters get caught out and lose their careers and community. It’s not worth it.

If you want to learn more check out how streamers hide cheats.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately you should not cheat on Twitch especially if you want to make it as a popular streamer. You will likely get caught sooner or later by your viewers and potentially face a lifetime ban on Twitch.

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