You probably know about Tyler1. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you probably have seen his over-the-top personality in one meme or the other while you browsed through your social feeds. A good question that might come to your mind is whether Tyler1 has been able to stay in a committed relationship in the past few years or if he still has one.

Yes, Tyler is currently with his long-term girlfriend Macaiyla, who he has been with for the past 6 years. The couple has had a wonderful time together but with various differences that they’ve been able to work through for the most part.

Twitch Con 2016: Where Tyler1 Found Love

Tyler is the kind of guy who would shit talk your game, tell you that he can do it better, and he actually would! His toxicity was infamous in the League of Legends community until he became an internet celebrity overnight, growing to 92,000 followers from just 5,000 on Twitch within one month, in April of 2016.

He found success in his gaming career that would cement him as one of the most well-known streamers in the community. All of these would eventually lead to him meeting Macaiyla at the 2016 Twitch Con. How did this happen? Macaiyla banded up with a friend of hers and eliminated Tyler, after which they exchanged messages and ended up meeting at the Twitch Con.

Ever since the two of them have been together, Macaiyla has built on her own personal brand and amassed 97.2k subscribers and 165k subscribers on Instagram. 

Other than that, Macaiyla is a fairly controversial personality and, in many aspects, even more extravagant with her actions compared to Tyler1. Where his toxicity is generally limited to the gaming world, hers has poured out into the real world and even has caught the FBI’s eye at one point.

She was banned off of Twitch for harmful statements and even suspended from Twitter at one point. Macaiyla has been too loud for her own good, which has kept her under the light for all the wrong reasons.

Our best bet? They’ve worked out for so long because their toxicity cancels the other’s out just right, and that’s beautiful (slight hint of sarcasm).

What’s Macaiyla Like?

She’s well into various other hobbies, which include reading, sports, and fitness. Like Tyler, the girl is a huge fitness freak and has kept herself in good shape. She loves LoL, he loves LoL, a match made in heaven!

Here’s the cherry on top, both of them have been banned from playing League of Legends for the same reason. We’ll give you a few seconds to think about the reason as to ‘why’ she got banned. Toxicity!

Tyler learned from his past and played appropriately after being suspended from LoL for a long time. He also had to do it to fit into the community and eventually toned himself down. Macaiyla continued to exhibit inappropriate behavior that would later become the reason for her ban from League of Legends in 2019.

The couple’s relationship has been fairly public, and the two of them can be found sharing various moments from time to time. They do fight often but are mature enough to work through their problems every time.

Although it can be assumed that her relationship with Tyler was a catalyst that pushed her career forward, she has made a name for herself in the industry with her unique personality. You can even find the two spending some time together on Macaiyla’s YouTube channel!

Wrapping Up

The two of them make the most perfectly odd couple. But, if you give it time, you will understand why the two of them have stuck around together for so long.

With Tyler creating a successful career out of his hobby and Macaiyla supporting him through it, the two have built a special bond that has led to a beautiful long-term relationship for the both of them.

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