Former professional Overwatch player and internet sensation xQc has taken the spotlight once again. The constant celebrity drama circus continues where fans question whether the Canadian Twitch streamer is committed or still up for grabs regarding his love life.

With so many theatrics in 2021 with his ex-girlfriend, Adept, is he still tending his wounds, or has he finally moved on to someone new?

The answer is that xQc has not dated anyone new since his breakup with his ex-girlfriend, Adept. Taking the blunt end of the breakup, he has been focusing more on his gameplay and streams rather than meddling with his romantic interests.

The Canadian Twitch streamer xQc, whose real name is Félix Lengyel, keeps making huge strides in his career. By creating new opportunities for himself, he has even got his very own show now by the name of ‘Juiced’. But as to where his personal life stands, read ahead to get to know more about it.

xQc’s Last Relationship: Adept

If you search anything related to xQc and his romantic affairs, you will find tons of articles all filled with one person; Adept. Being xQc’s last girlfriend, now ex, there was a lot of drama during and after their breakup.

Family Issues

After the breakup, xQc revealed that a major role in their breakup was played due to the bad blood between his family and his girlfriend, Adept. Not only did his family not approve of her, but he also stated he and his brother were not on the best terms.

He said,” I love my brother, I love my family, but he and his girlfriend, and me and Sammy (Adept), we just couldn’t be all at once in one place, we couldn’t, it’s just not possible. There was friction when I was at my brother’s house, and there was friction when we all got here, it was just very odd.”

Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel also said that he was given a choice of choosing between his family and his girlfriend, Adept. During the announcement of the breakup, xQc stated that” I had to make a choice; I was cornered into choosing between the family and Sammy. And unluckily, what happened is that, I cannot just ‘choose’ family, cause that’s just, I don’t know, saying it was my fault.”

Manipulative Partners?

As with every breakup, both sides took to social media to express their sides and for their fans to hear their side of the story. While Adept took some shots at xQc by calling him manipulative, xQc simply stated that between a choice of his girlfriend or his family, he would consistently choose his family every time.

Due to the strained relations between xQc’s girlfriend and his family, he had no choice but to break up.

The Roommate Introduction

If you have been following this far, an extremely important key to understanding this scenario is knowing that xQc and Adept lived as roommates for over a year. During a GTA Online live stream, xQc showed his affection publicly for his girlfriend by grabbing her and kissing her on the forehead.

After that, Adept clarified that she was indeed in a relationship with xQc, and the two had been dating for quite a while. Due to the public’s negative view, they had chosen to keep their relationship private and personal matters out of the stream.

The Fallout

Tensions arose when Félix Lengyel’s family life and personal matters started clashing with his girlfriend. Due to his family’s animosity, he says that he became alienated, even from his brother and his wife.

On an Apex Legends stream in 2021, the couple announced they were officially breaking up. This was a shock and a disappointment to many viewers who loved seeing the two together. But, as we will see, the large social media followings on both sides proved disastrous.

As issues and debates started pouring in between the two, sometimes arguments would go public. This is precisely what happened.

The Last Phone Call

During a live stream, xQc received a call from his then-girlfriend, Adept. He started arguing with her when she confronted him, followed by a full-blown argument. This was extremely detrimental to the relationship as over 120k followers, and subscribers of xQc saw it. People were disappointed and confused as to why xQc would choose to cause all that mayhem on call in front of all his subscribers.

This left Adept extremely upset as she was confused and insulted; this led to her calling him ‘manipulative’, but no abuse charges were placed.

By publicly portraying everything in your life, including your matters, it only became harder for xQc after the addition of his fans tuning in on the drama.

The Bottom Line

xQc might not be in a relationship as of this moment, but that does not mean he is ready to get out again. He tries to focus more on his professional life and keep his matters out of the public eye.

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