Full NameHerschel Beahm IV
Date of Birth10 March, 1982
NationalityUnited States
TeamLes Plouks
Twitch FollowersUnknown
DrDisrespect Bio

Who Is DrDisrespect?

Herchel “Guy” Beahm IV, better known as DrDisrespect within the video game community is an American professional gamer, streamer, and content creator.

Since his early childhood, Guy loved playing video games which is a passion that continued to follow him throughout his life.

He began his professional career back in 2010 when he started uploading his Call of Duty gameplay video to his YouTube channel, however, he shelved that project to become a map designer and community manager at Sledgehammer Games.

He returned to his streaming career in 2015 when he created an account on Justin.TV, a platform more commonly known today as Twitch.

His popularity quickly grew and he became one of the most popular streamers out there. Since his Twitch account was banned in 2020, DrDisrespect decided to stream his content on YouTube which is where he can be found today.

DrDisrespect Warzone Video Settings

When it comes to video settings, it seems like his settings are all over the place, being a mix of high and low settings, which is pretty common for him since he uses similar settings in other games that he played. The exact reason for this is unknown, however, we speculate that it is to achieve specific stable framerates with the best visual fidelity possible.


Field of View100
ADS Field of ViewIndependent
Horizontal HUD Bounds100.00
Vertical HUD Bounds100.00
Colorblind TypeDisabled
Colorblind TargetDisabled
Mini Map ShapeSquare
Mini Map RotationEnabled
General Settings
Display ModeFullscreen
Screen Refresh Rate240
Display Resolution2560×1440
Render Resolution100
Aspect RatioAutomatic
Sync Every Frame (V-Sync)Disabled
Custom Framerate LimitUnlimited
Nvidia Reflex Low LatencyEnabled + Boost
Display Gamma2.2 (sRGB)
Display Settings
Texture ResolutionHigh
Texture Filter AnisotropicLow
Particle QualityLow
Bullet Impacts & SpraysEnabled
Details and Textures
Shadow Map ResolutionLow
Cache Spot ShadowsEnabled
Cache Sun ShadowsEnabled
Particle LightingLow
DirectX RaytracingDisabled
Ambient OcclusionDisabled
Screen Space ReflectionLow
Shadow & Lighting
Anti-AliasingSMAA 1x
Depth of FieldEnabled
Filmic Strength1
World Motion BlurDisabled
Weapon Motion BlurEnabled
Film Grain0.25
Post Processing Effects

DrDisrespect Mouse Settings

DrDisrespect’s mouse settings have been fine-tuned to fit his personal needs and play style, which is what you would expect to see of a player of his calibre. However, on closer inspection, we can see that his DPI is set to 400 which is pretty common among Warzone players. What is less common is the fact that his mouse sensitivity is set to 9.8.

Polling Rate1000Hz
Mouse Sensitivity9.8
Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier1.00
ADS Mouse SensitivityLegacy
ADS Sens. Multiplier (Low Zoom)1.00
ADS Sens. Multiplier (High Zoom)1.00
ADS Sens. Transition TimingGradual
Monitor Distance CoefficientLocked
Invert Mouse LookDisabled
Mouse Acceleration0.00
Mouse Filtering0.00
Mouse SmoothingDisabled
DrDisrespect’s Mouse Settings

DrDisrespect’s Keybinds

Just like his mouse settings, DrDisrespect has customized his keybinds to his liking, just as any good player should. By glancing at the table below we can see that he has altered his Prone, Stance, and many other keybinds.

Jump/Stand/MantleSpace Bar
Crouch/SlideLeft Ctrl
Change Stance/SlideQ
Sprint/Tactical Sprint/Steady AimLeft Shift
Weapon MountMouse Button 5
Alternate FireB
Melee/Finishing MoveV
Use Lethal EquipmentMouse Button 4
Use Tactical EquipmentX
Use Armor Plate4
DrDisrespect’s Keybinds

DrDisrespect Gaming PC Specs

Simply put, DrDisrespect’s gaming PC is a true beast. With an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X CPU, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090, and 256GB of G.Skill Ripjaws V under the hood, his PC is more than capable of handling any tasks that DrDisrespect can throw at it.

CPUAMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X
Graphics CardNvidia GeForce RTX 3090
MemoryG.Skill Ripjaws V 256GB
MotherboardASUS ROG Zenith II Extreme Alpha
Storage2x Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe 2TB
Power SupplyUnknown
CaseDigital Storm Aventum X
Extras14x Corsair ML140 PRO RGB
DrDisrespect Gaming PC

DrDisrespect Streaming PC Specs

DrDisrespect doesn’t have a separate PC dedicated to streaming, instead, he uses his gaming PC to create and stream all of his content.

DrDisrespect Gaming Peripherals

DrDisrespect is a huge name within the gaming community which is why many brands choose to sponsor him. Being a successful content creator, his job requires him to use a lot of high-end equipment which is listed below.

MonitorSamsung Odyssey G7 27″
HeadsetRoccat Stealth 700 DrDisrespect Edition
Mouse PadRoccat Sense Immortal DrDisrespect Edition
MouseRoccat Kone Pro DrDisrespect Edition
MicrophoneNeumann U 87 Ai Large Diaphram
KeyboardRoccat Vulcan TKL Pro DrDisrespect Edition
CameraLogitech BRIO
ChairSteelcase Gesture
DrDisrespect Gaming Peripherals

Wrapping Up

There you have it. Those are the settings the Two Time is using to dominate in Warzone. Give them a go and see if they suit your play style, you may even pick up a few more wins.

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