When it comes to getting perfect chemistry in Fifa 23 you want to make sure you’re players are playing in the correct position. Sometimes when playing a certain formation your players may be slightly out of position.

For example, you might have a Ronaldo in RW but want him to be ST. Rather than having to buy a completely new card, you can use a “Position Modifier”. In FIFA 23 position modifiers work a little differently than they have in previous years. Let’s see how to change a player’s position in Fifa Ultimate Team 23.

How Player Position Works In Ultimate Team Fifa 23

In Fifa 23 there is 1 Position modifier card. This card allows you to change the position of the player to one of their automatically assigned alternative positions. This change allows you to put players in positions you previously couldn’t.

For example, Jose Cancelo can now play LB and RB which are positions he plays in real life. With the previous position system, this would not have been possible.

EA is trying to bring the game more in line with real life with this change.

While this is a welcome change it is limiting in some aspects. While we used to be able to take a ST –> CM through the system ST –> CF –> CAM –> CM this is now gone. Players will only be able to switch between their preferred positions.

This graphic below outlines the new system:

Fifa 23 alternative positions
Source: EA Games/Helmar Designs

How To Change Player Position In Fifa 23 Ultimate Team

To change a player’s position you will need a Universal Position modifier card. You can get this in a pack or purchase one from the marketplace. Currently, these cards are going for 1000 coins in the marketplace.

Once you have one, navigate to your squad and select the player you want to change the position on. Click on Apply Consumable –> Position Change –> Select Your preferred position.

You have now successfully changed your player’s position and get full chemistry in your squad.

Wrapping Up

Now you can change a player to one of their alternative positions to better suit your team tactics. Enjoy.

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