ForsenE has became the most popular emote on Twitch. This is shocking as you have to become a subscriber of popular streamer Forsen to obtain the emote however once you have subscribed once you can use the emote forever.

What does the ForsenE Emote Mean On Twitch?

The ForsenE emote doesn’t have a specific meaning. The emote comes from the Streamer Forsen who is well known for streaming Hearthstone and Starcraft II. The emote is a warped version of Forsens face and is generally spammed by his chat. It is a subscriber only emote making it only available to Forsens subscribers.

How Can I Use The ForsenE Emote On Twitch?

To use the ForsenE emote on Twitch you will have to become a subscriber on his channel. Believe it or not the ForsenE emote is now the most used emote on Twitch according to Streamelements. Once you have subscribed for one month you can cancel and will have access to the emote for life. You can also use the emote on any other channel on Twitch.

What Is The Origin Of The ForsenE Emote

The ForsenE emote originated in Forsens chat. The emote initially started just being used in Forsens chat however it has now spread across all of Twitch and has became the most used emote.

This is because Forsens chat (Known as the Forsenboys) love to spam the emote. They banded together to spam the emote in other streamers chat to keep it on top as the most used emote.

The Forsenboys have became known as a “Toxic Group” due to their spamming across Twitch however their efforts have allowed them to keep ForsenE on top.

When Should I Use ForsenE on Twitch?

ForsenE is generally used in any chat when you want to spam. After all it is the most spammed emote on Twitch. If you want to be a toxic viewer there is no better emote to use.


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