It’s coming up to Halloween again and that means it’s spooky stream time. While you may be dressing up as Count Dracula for your Halloween stream, you may also want to dress up your stream. Below we have found some of the coolest free & premium Halloween overlays for your streams.

Let us know which one you decide to use down below in the comments!

Best Halloween Overlays For Streamers

Nerd or Die Wicked Halloween Package (Free)

Nerd Or DIe Wicked Halloween Pack

This is a great-looking Halloween overlay if you like the cartoon vibe. It comes with animated overlays, scenes and panels. You can grab it over on Nerd or Die for FREE.

On some of Nerd or Dies products, they use a “pay what you want” model allowing you to pay what you feel the product is worth. You pay nothing or leave them a nice tip.

Nerd or Die Free Gravestone Halloween Overlay

Nerd Or Die Gravestone Halloween Overlay

This is another free overlay option from Nerd or Die in their halloween series. It’s a little darker and moodier compared to the option above. If you’re going to play a jump scare game on halloween night then this could be the best option for you.

It’s a fairly simple overlay which will be quick to set up and features different tombstones along the bottom for your donations, followers etc.

Etsy Pink Spooky Stream Overlay

If you want a bright pink gothic vibe overlay for halloween this is the perfect option. It’s created by an artist who sells on Etsy meaning that it’s much less likely other streamers will be using the same overlay.

This will help you stand out among the crowd on Halloween Night. However it does come in at a price of around $8.

Etsy Halloween Stream Overlays

Visuals By Impulse – Zombilicious Stream Overlay

Zombie Stream Overlay - Halloween

If zombies are your thing then this animated overlay may be the one for your Halloween streams. It even comes with some cool animated zombie eye transitions. Check out the full package here.

Custom Halloween Overlay – Fiverr

Depending on when you’re reading this you may have time to get a fully custom Halloween overlay created for your stream. If you’re a bigger streamer and can afford a small investment in your brand this might be the way to go for you.

Fiverr have lots of gigs from amazing artists who create stream overlays. They will be able to create a custom Halloween overlay.

Custom Halloween Twitch overlays

Check out fiverr’s custom overlay sellers.

Full Halloween Pack From Etsy

Etsy has a lot of different Halloween Twitch Overlays available. Honestly, this is one of the best sources for custom unique overlays. Not many people think about going to Etsy for their graphics.

You can even request a custom design from one of the sellers allowing you to be unique compared to anyone else on Twitch.

Click here to see all available Halloween packs on Etsy

Gael LEVEL Free Halloween Twitch Pack

Gael LEVEL is an awesome content creator on Youtube who teaches people about designing their Twitch Streams. He released a free Halloween overlay pack you can use on your stream.

Check out his video below explaining how to get it

Chomper Spooky Free Stream Graphic has a great scary teeth themed overlay that you can add to your stream for free on Halloween. Check it out here.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you have been able to find a stream overlay you like for your Halloween stream. Let us know which ones you use down below in the comments. Don’t scream too loud playing your horror games on Halloween night!

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