Emotes are one of Twitch’s most popular features. They can bring your community together with inside jokes and help spread your stream when your custom emotes are used in other chats.

So, how do you get access to more emotes on Twitch? Let’s take a look!

How Do I Get More Emotes On Twitch?

To get emotes on Twitch you will need to achieve affiliate status at a minimum with partners getting extra emote slots. Below we have put together a table outlining how many emote slots you get for a certain amount of subscriber points.

What Are Subscriber Points On Twitch?

Subscriber points on twitch are the currency used to redeem emote slots. A different number of points are earned depending on the tier of subscriber. Streamers will get one subscriber point for a Tier 1 sub, 2 Subscriber points for a Tier 2 Sub and lastly 6 subscriber points from a Tier 3 Sub.

Twitch Affiliate Emote Stats

Twitch StatusSub PointsNo. Of Emotes

Twitch Partner Emote Stats

Twitch StatusSub PointsNo. Of Emotes
Partner0 – 646

This is not a fully complete chart for partners. Partners will continue to earn emote slots right up until 10,000 Subscription points where they will unlock 60 emote slots.

You can check out the full chart from Twitch here with a full range of Partner Subscription tiers.

Partners will also get 5 additional emote slots on their Tier 2 & Tier 3 Subscriptions.

Do Re-Subs On Twitch Count Towards Subscriber Points?

Re-subs will continue to count towards the total subscriber points a channel has however it will not increase the number of subscriber points. After the initial sub the streamer will receive the subscriber points and will keep them until that subscription is cancelled.

When a subscription is cancelled you will lose the subscription points.

If I Lose Subscriber Points On Twitch Will I Lose Emote Slots?

No, once you have unlocked emote slots they will stay unlocked for good. However if you want to reach the next tier you will have to get up to the next emote slot level once again.

Do Lifetime Subscribers Give Sub Points On Twitch?

What Are Lifetime Subscribers?

Lifetime subscribers on Twitch are only available for channels that have been partnered. When a channel gets partnered they get access to 3 Lifetime subscriptions that they can donate to specific viewers. Streamers only ever get access to 3 lifetime subscriptions so you will have to use them wisely when you reach partner.

The streamer has the choice of which tier of sub they want to donate as a lifetime subscription.

Lifetime subscriptions do not give the Twitch streamer any revenue.

Do Lifetime Subscriptions Give Sub Points?

Yes, lifetime subscriptions give you sub points depending on the level of subscription that the streamer donates. Obviously it makes sense for the streamer and viewer to gift a Tier 3 sub so that the streamer gets the sub points and the viewer gets all the Tier 3 benefits.

Using BTTV To Get More Channel Emotes

Better Twitch TV is Twitch extension that allows you to add more Emotes to your channel. These are not “Official Twitch Emotes”, however many viewers on Twitch use this extension so they will be able to use the emotes that you add through BTTV as well as global emotes available from BTTV.

To use Better Twitch TV download the extension for your browser. You can then login with your Twitch account and configure the emotes you want to add to your channel.

You can check out this video below for more information on how to set up BTTV:

BetterTTV Setup Guide

Where To Get Twitch Sub Emotes?

When you finally unlock Twitch emotes for your channel you will probably want to get some awesome new emotes to share with your fans.

Get Twitch Emotes On Fiverr

Fiverr Twitch Emotes

Fiverr is one of the best places to get customised Twitch emotes. There are tons of creators who will create emotes based around your brand. Having custom emotes gives your followers much more incentive to actually subscribe and get new emotes.

Check out some of the artists available by clicking the button below.

Get Twitch Emotes On Own3d.tv

Own3d.tv has lots of emote packs available for purchase as well as an emote maker where you can design your own custom emotes. This is a great place to start if you are on a budget for getting some emotes for your stream. Definitely try out their Emote maker so you can create something tailored towards your brand.

How Long Does It Take For Twitch To Approve Emotes?

Whenever you submit your emotes to twitch it will take some time for them to get approved. Emotes are usually approved within 48 hours however depending on how many emotes you submitted at the same time or if you submitted before a weekend or holiday it could potentially take longer.

If you have been a partner or affiliate for at least 60 days and your channel is in good standing you will be able to upload emotes without approval.


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