Have you been watching some of your favourite streamers and are wondering how they literally have zero recoil?

Well some of them are literally just that good but some of them are using something a little bit more nefarious which gives them an edge over the competition.

Streamers That Are Just That Good!

In this video below you can see Shroud reacting to a streamer called hJune who has insane recoil control on rust. Rust is notorious for having crazy recoil on their guns.

This guy makes it look like he has no recoil at all on his guns because he has mastered the recoil pattern so well. These guys put 1000s of hours into the game practicing these patterns.


Even Shroud who is a master of FPS games is impressed with hJunes talent.

In games like Warzone players will generally gravitate with to loadout builds with as little recoil as possible. They will build there class based on weapons that have an easy recoil pattern and add attachments that dampen the recoil even more.

However in a competitive landscape such as streaming some people are willing to break the rules to get ahead. Some of these streamers are making $100s of thousands per year and will do anything to be the best they can be even if that means cheating.

How Streamers Have Zero Recoil

Some streamers are just that good and others resort to a little device that has become extremely popular of the past year, especially since the explosion of Warzone.

It’s called a Cronus Max. It’s a little USB like device that plugs into your console/pc and then you plug your controller into it. By using scripts this little device allows you to eliminate recoil without putting in 100s of hours of work.

There is scripts for hundreds of different games which can be easily downloaded and installed on the Cronus Max. Over the past year it has became very popular in the Call of Duty community.

For months these things were literally sold out every time they came back in stock.

As the device is between the controller and console it make the exploits hard to detect for game devs meaning people have been using these for months with no consequences.

Here at Getonstream we do not recommend playing with one. We believe it is cheating and that’s not how the game should be played. As the saying goes “Get Good Kid”.

In this video below the Youtuber demonstrates some of the crazy assists that can be achieved with these devices.

When checking out the Cronus Max site there is multiple “Gamepacks” available which give different mods and assists in game.


Wrapping Up

So, if you’re favourite streamer seems to have suspiciously good aim they’re either just that good or they’re using a device such as the Cronus Max with scripts installed.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference as some people are just great so don’t go accusing people randomly of cheating without actually knowing.

But now you know, that’s how some people have Zero Recoil.

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