There has been a wave of streamers caught using cheats on stream lately. Especially in games like Warzone. Sometimes they are even playing in tournaments for huge prize pools. So, how do these streamers get away with it? How do they stream without their cheats showing up? Let’s jump in and find out.

Disclaimer: Cheating on stream WILL get you banned. We do not condone cheating at all. This article is for informational purposes only.

How Do Streamers Hide Cheats On Stream?

It’s actually very easy for streamers to hide their cheats. Cheats usually run in a separate program on their computer. The program then provides an overlay for the games. This means that you can run your cheat program on your computer and add your game to OBS as a game capture source.

This game capture source then only pulls in your game and not the cheats. This means the streamer can play the game on their stream without the cheats being visible. They will be able to see the cheats on their monitor but their stream won’t.

Below you can see an image from Engine Owning cheats. As you can see there is an overlay on the game highlighting where all players are on the map. This player could add the game as a game capture source in OBS and we would only see his game.

How Do Streamers On A Dual PC Setup Hide Cheats?

Usually on a dual PC setup streamers will have a capture card in the Streaming PC that captures everything being sent to the monitor of the gaming PC.

In this case, you would be able to see the cheats on the stream as the capture card is pulling everything from the gaming PC.

To get around this streamers will open OBS on their gaming PC, add a game capture source and capture that window on their capture card. This means that you won’t see these cheats on the stream.

It is a bit of a red flag that someone is using cheats is they are capturing using this method. If you have a dual PC setup there is no real reason to capture with this second method unless you are hiding something.

How Do Streamers Get Caught Cheating?

Cheaters have been caught for many different reasons. One of the main ways is they show a scene on OBS that is capturing their screen rather than the game only. This means that everything shows up on screen including their desktop and the cheats that they are running.

Other streamers may get caught through their webcam. If they are moving their webcam around, showing you their room they may catch their monitor with the cheats. People will then clip this and you can clearly see the cheats on their monitor.

Other cheaters may get caught as they are just so blatantly obvious with the cheats. If they are doing things in game that are just ridiculous and couldn’t be done without cheats they will be called out for it.

Do Warzone Streamers Use Hacks?

Yes, plenty of Warzone streamers have used hacks. There have been over half a million players banned on Warzone with some of them being popular streamers. If these players don’t get caught it is very financially beneficial for them to use hacks. They can win tournament money and earn lots from subscribers and donations on their stream.

Is The Cronus Zen Cheating?

Yes, the Cronus Zen is cheating. The device uses scripts to modify your game settings. This is against the Terms of Service for most games. If something is giving you an unfair advantage against the competition it is likely cheating.

If you use a Cronus Zen you run the risk of being banned from the game.

How To Prove You Aren’t Hacking On Stream

If you’re an absolute god at a game you are likely going to get “hackusations”. People claiming you are hacking even though you are not. If you want to prove them wrong the best thing to do is set up a second camera on your stream.

Point this second camera at the monitor you play on. Your stream will then be seeing exactly what you are seeing. This goes a long way to prove that you are not cheating.

Wrapping Up

Now you know how these streamers are using hacks and cheats on their stream. They are ruining the game for everyone else. Usually these streamers eventually get caught. It’s only a matter of time.

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