If you’ve came to this article your friends in discord are probably getting annoyed at you talking to chat and not muting your mic. You don’t want to be that guy especially if you’re streaming with a group of other streamers.

You may notice that a lot of streamers mute their mic in discord so their friends can’t hear them but their chat still can. So let’s show you how to set up your microphone so you can stop annoying your friends while talking to your chat!

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How Do Streamers Talk To Their Viewers On Mute?

There is really two different ways to go about this. No matter what method you choose you will always have our mic open to our stream so we will always hear what they are saying.

The next options are personal preference:

Personally I prefer a hot key as this allows me to that I can toggle mute on/off as I don’t like using push to talk while I’m in game as I find it distracting.

Let’s show you how you can set this up in discord.

How To Add A Hot Key Mute Button In Discord

This is the method I prefer to use. This will allow you to use a key on your mouse/keyboard/streamdeck to mute your discord so your friends can’t hear you.

Step 1: Go to settings in Discord

Step 2: Head down to keybinds and select the Action “Toggle Mute”

Step 3: Click on record keybind and push the key you want to use as your toggle mute button. Select a key that is easy to reach while your playing.

You have now set up your toggle mute button and can mute yourself in your discord without muting your microphone stream.

How To Set Up Push To Talk On Discord

If you want to set up your mic so you have to push to talk when speaking with your friend this is the steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Go to settings in Discord

Step 2: Go to the Voice and Video Section

Step 3: For your input mode select push to talk. Then select your keybind that you want to use to push to talk. I would recommend selecting a key/button that is easily accessible while playing games.

Now you can talk away to your chat without your friends/fellow streamers getting annoyed at you.

How To Deafen Your Discord While Streaming

It may also be useful to deafen your discord meaning that you and your stream can’t hear whats happening in discord. This is great if you want to chat to your stream uninterrupted. Below is instructions to set up a toggle button to deafen and undeafen your discord.

Step 1: Go to Settings In Discord

Step 2: Go to the keybinds section

Step 3: Select the Action “Toggle Deafen” and then record a keybind for the key/button you want to use to deafen your discord.

Now you can deafen your discord when you want to have a 1 to 1 chat just with your stream chat.

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Wrapping Up

Now you can have a much better audio experience on stream. You will be able to mute your mic so you’re not annoying anyone else in your discord and also deafen the discord so people aren’t talking over each other while you’re chatting.

Enjoy having a much better experience while streaming 🙂

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