Twitch drops have became popular over the last few years helping some streamers reach insane viewer levels that they had never seen before. Pestily had over 100k+ people watching his stream when he had Tarkov drops enabled back in April 2020. This made him on of the biggest streamers in the Tarkov category.

Let’s jump in and explain how drops work and how you can get some amazing loot for free.

How Do Drops Work On Twitch?

Drops on Twitch allow you to get in game loot for your favourite games. They are enabled for specific events throughout a games lifecycle. If a developer enables drops for their game, specific streamers will then get access to drops for their stream. Viewers can then link their twitch account to their game account and collect in game rewards by watching their favourite streamers.

The developer has full customization of how the drops will work so not every drop stream is created equal.

According to Twitch “The developer can decide what the item is, how frequently the Drops occur, and how many channels they are available on.”

You can see when drops are enabled in a game as it will have a small icon in the top right of the game indicating that a drop event is currently happening.

Streamers who have drops enabled in their stream will likely have it in their title as well as using the “drops enabled” tag.

Drops enabled on Twitch

When you click on to a stream, if drops are enabled there will be an option to link your game account to twitch to collect drops. When you click on Twitch Account it will come up with instructions to link your account.

If you don’t see Drops Enabled on the category it is possible that only select streamers will have drops enabled on their channel.

How Do You Get Drops Enabled As A Streamer?

Developers choose what streamers are able to have drops enabled on their stream for exclusive drop events. Generally this goes to the bigger streamers in the game category. If you’re a new streamer you shouldn’t expect to have drops enabled on your stream.

However some games have drops that are “game wide” meaning all streamers streaming that game have drops enabled.

How Often Do Drops Happen On Twitch?

To receive drops you usually have to watch streamers for a specified amount of time which will differ from game to game. For example in Escape from Tarkov the drops were random as long as you were watching the stream whereas in Valorant drops happened every 2 hours.

Do I Have To Watch The Stream To Get Drops On Twitch?

Yes, you have to watch the stream however you are able to leave the stream open on your computer and mute the tab in chrome. Make sure to mute the tab rather than the stream or you may not receive the drops. Using multiple tabs will not result in more drops in game.

How Do I Know I Have Received A Drop On Twitch?

When you receive a drop on twitch you will get a notification letting you know you have an in game reward to redeem. You can check this by hitting the bell notification in the top right of your Twitch page.

Do Twitch Drops Work On Mobile?

Yes you can receive Twitch on mobile as well as desktop as long as you have linked your twitch account to your game account.

Wrapping up

Drops are a great way to bring communities together on Twitch. It’s a great way to reward gamers for supporting their games while also helping to boost views of the creators who support their games by streaming. Enjoy all the great loot you get through drops!

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