As a twitch streamer you are able to earn money in many different ways. On Twitch alone there is multiple different revenue sources as well as lots of potential revenue sources off the Twitch platform.

In this article we’re going to break down all the different possible income streams for Twitch streamers.

Revenue Sources On Twitch

Do Twitch Streamers Get Money From Bits?

Bits are essentially Twitch’s currency that can be used for donations on Twitch. Viewers have to purchase bits which then can be donated to the streamer. Each bit is worth $0.01 to the streamer. Every 100 bits the streamer receives they will earn $1.

Do Twitch Streamers Get Paid For Subs?

Yes, Twitch streamers get paid for each sub they receive. Twitch affiliates receive 50% of the sub revenue meaning they receive $2.50 from each sub while Twitch receive the other $2.50.

However some Twitch partners earn a higher percentage of sub revenue. This depends on each specific twitch partners deal they have with Twitch. Some streamers are reported to get up to $3.50 per sub.

Do Twitch Streamers Get Paid From Prime Subs?

Yes, twitch streamers get paid for each Prime sub they receive. The streamer will receive $2.50 for every Twitch Prime sub they receive. It costs nothing for the viewer to sub with Twitch prime as it comes free with their amazon prime account. Essentially Amazon loses $2.50 every time you sub to a streamer with Twitch prime. Take that Jeff Bezos.

Of course there are lots of other benefits Amazon receives from you being an Amazon prime subscriber such as using them over the competition. If you’re subscribed to someone on Twitch you are more likely to frequent twitch to watch them making Twitch more money through ad revenue.

Do Twitch Streamers Get Paid For Views?

Twitch viewers do get paid for views on their stream. Streamers get paid for views as Twitch run ads on the streams allowing streamers to get paid. How much they get paid is based on a CPM. This is essentially how much you get paid per 1000 views.

Twitch streamers get paid anywhere from $2-$10 per 1000 views. This depends a lot on the time of year. For example coming up to Christmas brands are advertising a lot more and twitch can charge more for ads. As a streamer you will earn much more from ads at this time of the year.

Do Twitch Streamers Get Paid For Followers?

Twitch streamers do not get paid for followers on their channel. A follow is just a way to get notified when the streamer starts streaming and have them appear in your recommendations as a viewer. A follower on Twitch is like a subscriber on Youtube.

Wrapping Up On Stream Twitch Revenue Sources

These are all the sources a streamer is able to earn revenue on Twitch. The majority of most streamers revenue on Twitch comes from their subs and this revenue also recurs monthly as long as the viewer continues to subscribe.

Revenue Sources Outside Of Twitch

Twitch streamers do not only earn money on Twitch. They are able to have many different sources of revenue off Twitch as well. These are some of the most popular.

Do Twitch Streamers Get 100s Of Donations?

The biggest Twitch streamers earn 10s of thousands of dollars every single day through donations. This is most streamers second biggest revenue stream behind subscribers. These donations usually come through a platform like paypal.

It’s a great way for viewers to tip the streamer without Twitch receiving a huge chunk of the money donated.

The bigger your stream the more you will earn from donations. Some streamers incentivise donations by enabling a feature like text to speech. This means donators can send a message that will be read out on stream for a minimum donation. Most streamers set this around $3.

Do Twitch Streamers Earn Money On Patreon?

Many twitch streamers will have a patreon were users can pay a set amount each month for some form of exclusive content/access to the streamer. Patreon usually has multiple tiers you can join with exclusive benefits such as VIP discord servers, play with the streamer or exclusive patreon only content.

Do Twitch Streamers Earn Money Through Merch?

Some streamers once they reach a certain level and have a large enough community will release some form of merch. This usually starts with something simple like T-shirts and hoodies which can be made through Streamlabs prime and sold to your audience.

However once streamers get even bigger some of them release a full blown clothing company such as Syndicate who has his Syndicate original brand or Ninja who launched his innovative hoodies with ear holes for headphones.

Learn How To Sell Merch As A Streamer.

Do Twitch Streamers Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing?

Many streamers earn money through certain affiliate marketing programs such as amazon or Gfuel.

When a streamer asks you to use their code at checkout when purchasing G-Fuel its because they earn a commission on every sale they make. They may also have links to their stream setup in the their twitch bio. These are likely amazon affiliate links meaning they make a commission if you use their link to purchase a shiny new graphics card.

Do Twitch Streamers Earn Money Through Brand Deals?

Once you start to search a large audience brands will want to start utilising your reach to promote their products. Lots of streamers get large brand deals from companies to promote their products and play their games.

For example some mobile games like Raid Shadow Legends pay big streamers thousands of dollars to play their games on stream. Mobile games pay some of the biggest brand deals as they make so much money through micro transaction.

You will also see streamers partnered with companies like Razer or Corsair. Sometimes these companies just give the streamers free gear but if the streamer is big enough he will be able to charge for the promotion of these products.

Wrapping Up

So these are some of the main ways streamers are able to earn money from their brand in 2021. It’s important to diversify your revenue sources to multiple places so you are not relying on just one stream of income.

If you’re an upcoming streamer make sure to start adding some of the “off twitch” revenue sources as soon as possible so you’re not solely relying on Twitch.

Happy growing!

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