Valorant’s competitive nature calls for all hands on deck. If one player decides to throw the game, or someone on your team or the other team starts playing unfairly by means of third-party software, then there’s an immediate need to address the situation.

Riot is strict with its anti-cheat policy, as is evident by Vanguard. Players that have found loopholes will face temporary and, in some cases, even permanent bans.

Valorant Bans

What Causes People To Get Banned On Valorant?

Maintaining quality in Valorant’s multiplayer experience is done by countering behavior that may prevent others from enjoying the game. There are various reasons players might get locked out of their account, which include:

  • AFKing/Throwing the Game: If a player refuses to participate in the match, it takes a toll on the entire performance on the team. Penalties were put into place to discourage such behavior.
  • Disruptive Behavior in the Chat: Toxicity undermines the overall experience of any game where communication is key. Anyone’s rude or offensive comments are prone to punishment.
  • Cheating: This one’s pretty obvious. If you’re using third-party softwares to gain an unfair advantage over other players, then your HWID will be banned.
  • Abusing Bugs: Any bugs found within the game should immediately be reported. Abusing them can lead to a temporary ban, however, continuing to abuse bugs will make for a permanent ban.
  • Boosting Accounts: Logging onto another player’s account to boost them through ranked is a bannable offense. This hurts the community as it offsets the matchmaking balance and is a bannable offense.
  • Queue Dodging: Some players may often purposefully disconnect themselves on the champion select screen to purposefully cancel the match. Players who do this will often find themselves locked from matchmaking queues.
  • Friendly Fire: FF falls in the same category as sabotaging a game. Purposefully doing so will eventually lead to a penalty and can also get you banned from the game.

How Long Do Valorant AFK Bans Last

For players that AFK in matches or queue dodge too much, they will find themselves punished accordingly. Depending on how often an individual ‘throws’ a game or simply goes AFK, the penalty will vary and become more severe. If a player is sabotaging games very often, the account will eventually be banned.

Riot has been implementing different updates to detect destructive behavior in different matches. Based on the seriousness of your offence, you may get one or more of the following penalties listed below:

  • Warnings
  • Lowered rank rating
  • No XP gain from matches in which you AFK’d in
  • Longer queue times (3 – 240 minutes)
  • No ranked matchmaking (7 – 14 days)
  • Ban from Valorant (7 days – permanent)

Offensive Chat Behavior

With respect to the Community Code in Valorant, players aren’t allowed to use any language that may harass any teammates or players on the opposing team. Doing so leads to detection from Valorant’s systems, and you will receive a penalty that can eventually get you banned from the game.

These penalties include:

  • Warnings
  • Voice and text chat restriction (3-14 days)
  • No ranked matchmaking (3-14 days)
  • Ban from Valorant (7 days – permanent)

How Long is a Valorant Ban for Cheating

When a player in Valorant is reported for cheating, they are initially temporarily banned. Repeated offences will lead to a permanent ban.

Initially, players will get a 90-day ban from the game, which may in some cases be 120 days if the player has committed more than one offence.

What’s the Criteria for Escalation in Penalties?

The harshness of your punishment is directly related to the number of offences you have committed and the repetition of these offences. Based on your history, you might only receive an XP penalty, or maybe only a temporary ban on your matchmaking.

If however, despite the continued warnings, a player persists with his/her forbidden behavior, they may eventually be banned from the game temporarily, and permanently after that.

You can even get two penalties at once from the above-mentioned list.

Will You Get Punished For a Bad Connection?

It’s highly unlikely you will get punished for a bad internet connection on your end. While it’s still possible, Valorant’s system is capable of detecting these minute details and penalizes the players accordingly.

Any disconnections due to Valorant’s servers are forgiven. Harsh punishments are reserved for persistent rulebreakers who will go AFK, try to queue dodge and have an overall bad history.

What Is Valorant HWID Ban? (Are Valorant Bans, IP Bans?)

Players are marked for a HWID banned usually if they decided to go a route that allows them to cheat in the game. Usage of third-party softwares, as mentioned above, will get you banned. However, these bans are typically a HWID ban, and will prevent you from playing on any alternative accounts that you might have.

HWID bans in Valorant last anywhere from 90 to 120 days. Keep in mind that once this ban occurrs, the account you cheated from will still be unplayable. You will have to start your progress all over again.

Can You Get Rid of Hardware Ban on Valorant?

The short answer is, yes. There’s a solution for mostly everything on the internet. If you can get yourself access to a decent spoofer, you can change your computer’s identity and play Valorant again as if nothing ever happened.

We do not condone this in any way, but if you’ve learnt your lesson and want to go out of your way to play Valorant again, you can try and pay for a decent spoofer.

Most people who have tried to circumvent these bans, have reported that they’ve been able to play for about 3 to 4 days, before they got permanently banned on all accounts they ever touched during that time-frame.

There is a more descriptive method however, and if you want to get started, you might want to strap yourself in. Start by downloading this zip file from slothytech and extract it. Move the HWID bypass folder to your C:\ drive.

Uninstall Valorant

Open up your Control Panel and go into ‘Uninstall a Program’. From here, you are going to want to make sure that you remove Valorant and Vanguard entirely.

However, we’re not done just yet. Go into each of the mentioned directories and delete traces of Valorant from here.

  • C:\Program Files (x86)
  • C:\Program Files
  • C:\%programdata%
  • C:\%localappdata%
  • C:\%userprofile%\Documents\
  • C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local

The next step is to head into your Registry and delete the remaining traces of Valorant from there.

  • Hold down the Windows Key and press R.
  • Type in Regedit.
  • Go to the locations below, and delete anything with the name ‘Valorant’.
  • Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\
  • Browse to HKLM\Software\WOW6432Node\

Changing your Disk’s Serial Number

You can download VolumeID from Microsoft’s website in order to change your disk’s serial number. Once you’re done downloading, right click “Change Disk IDs” and run it as an administrator.

Type in the letter of all your drives to change their serial numbers. After doing all of this, the next step is change HWIDs of everything that Valorant would normally mark in a ban.

Altering all HWIDs

Go to the folder “STEP 3 – Change HWIDs” in the zip file you downloaded from slothytech. Right click on the “Change ALL HWIDs.cmd” file and run it as an administrator. Press any key, and your new HWIDs will be updated.

Changing HWID Registry KEys

  • Head into Regedit once again by pressing Windows + R.
  • Go to the path “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Cryptography”
  • Go to the Free Online GUID Generator website, and copy a generated code from it.
  • Open up MachineGuid in the regedit folder you selected, and replace the GUI with the one you just copied.

Masking Your IP Address

This one’s fairly simple, however can cost you a bit of money. If you choose to play with the same IP address without masking your presence with a VPN, then you will simply get banned again and all your hard work will go to waste.

A paid VPN is the best way to go because free VPNs will most likely make the game unplayable for you anyway due to a high ping.

Good options include: NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and any other that you prefer.

Make a New MAC Address

Similar to an IP address, if you don’t have a new MAC address, you will get banned. However, it’s much simpler to change the MAC address on Windows.

  • Press the Windows key.
  • Search for Settings and click on it.
  • Make your way to Network & Internet.
  • Click on “Change adapter options.”
  • Right click on the adapter.
  • Go into properties, and configure “Client for Microsoft Networks” by selecting it.
  • Go into the Advanced tab and pick out “Network Address”.
  • Generate a new MAC address.
  • Paste it into the Network address box.
  • Click OK, and after a few seconds of inactivity, you will be connected back to the internet.
  • Repeat the same steps for your VPN adapter.

Make a New Account or Buy One

You can now create a new Valorant account or simply buy one from another website. Try not to use E-Mails generated randomly or any fake phone numbers. Make sure that whatever you’re using to authenticate your account isn’t suspicious or ‘spammy’ in any way.

Make a New User Account

Luckily, we don’t have to go through the hassle of re-installing the entire Windows. Simply create a new User and you’ll be good to go.

Changing your Monitor’s HWID

To change your Monitor’s HWID. Go into the zip file you downloaded from slothytech, and head into “STEP 9 – Change Monitor HWID”.

  • Right-click on the program titled, “CRU.exe” and run it as an administrator.
  • Click on “Edit” located on the top.
  • Change the value of the ID Serial.
  • Click OK to confirm.

Serial Numbers for Your Keyboard, Controller and Mouse

That’s right, we can’t leave any stones unturned. And Riot Games indeed does go THAT far. To hide your serial numbers for your peripheral devices, head to the folder “STEP 10 – Change Mouse, Keyboard, Controller, SNs.” 

  • Run the USBDeview.exe as an administrator.
  • Start by finding your mouse, and click “Open in Regedit” by right-clicking first.
  • Right-click on the folder in Regedit and select “Permissions”.
  • Tick the Deny option adjacent to “Read”.
  • Do the same for your controller and keyboard.

You Can Now Download and Play Valorant

That’s about all the steps that you need to go through in order to successfully play Valorant again. By the time you’re done with the steps above, you should be unbanned anyway. Good luck!

How to Know If You Are HWID Banned?

If you cheated in the game, you’re most probably HWID banned on Valorant. However, if that doesn’t give you certainty, you can try creating a new account and playing on it. Sure enough, within a few hours, you will be unable to play on your new account as well.

Riot will notify you with an E-Mail that you are HWID banned if you try to evade it.

NOTE: Creating a new account and attempting to play the game while being HWID banned counts as ban evasion and is a violation of the game’s rules. This will result in possibly an extension of your ban from 90 days to 120 days.

Valorant Cheating in 2022

At the start of the game’s prime, there were a lot of reports coming in daily for hackers in Valorant. As of 2022, with updates in the cheating system, reports are at an all-time low. The team at Riot’s game has been tirelessly working towards increasing competitive integrity by improving their ongoing detection systems. 

Rest assured, the toxicity in the game is constantly being monitored to improve quality of life for legitimate players.

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