Have you created a Twitch account and got your first couple of followers but are wondering why you don’t have a sub button on your channel?

Unfortunately not everyone on Twitch gets a Sub button. Just like on Youtube you have to meet certain requirements before you are able to monetise your channel.

On Twitch there is two different levels, partner and affiliate. You will need to reach one of these levels before you can get a sub button on your channel. So what are the requirements you need to meet?

How To Reach Twitch Affiliate

Below are the requirements to reach Twitch affiliate:

  • Reach 50 Followers
  • 500 Minutes Total Broadcast Time
  • 7 Unique Broadcast days
  • 3 Or More Concurrent Viewers

Once you reach the requirements and sign up to be a Twitch affiliate the sub badge will appear on your channel so viewers are able to subscriber to you and use their Twitch Prime subs.

How To Reach Partner On Twitch

Below are the requirements to reach Twitch Partner:

  • Concurrent viewership of 75 Viewers within the last 30 days
  • Stream on at least 12 days in the past month
  • Stream for at least 25 hours over the last month

You have to be a Twitch affiliate before you can apply to the partner program. Even if you meet the requirements not every gets accepted as a partner on Twitch. You need to make sure that you follow community guidelines and do infringe on copyrighted content on your channel.

If you get access to become a Twitch partner you will get access to the sub button on your channel.

Getting The Sub Button On Twitch

While you might be annoyed that you don’t have a sub button from day 1 it’s not really what you should focusing on. If you have less than 3 concurrent viewers you are not going to get very many subscriptions anyway.

You should focus first on growing your following and building up a small fan base who like your content.

Once you have built up a loyal fan base you can apply to Twitch affiliate and starting gaining subscribers on your channel.

How Much Is A Twitch Subscription Worth

Even when you get the Sub button on Twitch you won’t make very much money through it until you have a larger fan base. While it is really exciting to get your first subscriber it’s only worth $2.50.

For every $5 subscription on Twitch, the streamer gets $2.50 and Twitch takes the other $2.50.

How to Sign Up To Twitch Affiliate

Once you have reached the requirements we outlined above you will be able to apply for Affiliate in your Twitch dashboard.

There is a few things you will need to do to sign up:

  1. Provide Twitch with some basic information about yourself
  2. Sign the Twitch affiliate agreement (Read this, it stops you from being able to multi-stream to different platforms)
  3. Provide Amazon your tax information by completing both the Royalty and Service Tax Interviews.
  4. Tell Twitch where to send your payments to

You will have to reach $50 before Twitch will send your first payout.

Why Can I Not See My Sub Button Twitch?

If you are a Twitch affiliate and you still cannot see your sub button, don’t worry. If you are looking at your own channel while logged in you will not be able to see a sub button on your channel. Only other viewers will see your sub button.

If your a Twitch affiliate and other people still cannot see your sub button you should contact Twitch to have them rectify the problem.

Can I Receive Twitch Prime Subs As An Affiliate?

Yes, even affiliates can receive Twitch prime subs. Some people thought that only partners had access to them but that is not true. If you are a partner your viewers can use their Twitch prime subscription on your channel.

How Can I Earn Money Without A Sub Button?

If you are not an affiliate or potentially do not want to sign the affiliate agreement then you can earn money in other ways on your channel. We have a full guide on how streamers can make money. In summary here are a few ways to make more money on Twitch:

How Long Does It Take To Get A Sub Button On Twitch?

To get a sub button on Twitch you have to meet the requirements within a 30 day period. However for most beginner streamers it takes them much longer than 30 days to reach affiliate with most struggling to reach 3 concurrent viewers.

Most streamers take around 3-6 months to become a Twitch affiliate. If you want to get there much faster than that we would recommend promoting you stream on other platforms outside of Twitch such as Youtube, Tik Tok and Twitter.

Can I Subscribe To A Non-Affiliate On Twitch?

No, if they are not an affiliate there is no way to subscribe to them. However you can still support this streamer in other ways such as donations or buying products through their affiliate links.

How Can People Donate Bits To My Stream On Twitch?

Just like with the subscribe button you must be a Twitch Affiliate to accept bit donations. Once you are an Affiliate your viewers will have the option to support your stream using bits.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully this thread has helped you to know everything you need to know about the Twitch sub button. We wish you the best of luck in getting your sub button on Twitch so you can start making some money from entertaining your fans.

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