There is nothing more exciting than opening up that brand new console the first day you get it. As you open the box that new console smell hits your nose. You pull everything out, get it plugged in and put in your favourite multiplayer game. You call a friend over to play a couple of games of Fifa with you only to find out that your console only came with one controller! The disappointment sets in…

Well, if you manage to get your hands on a Playstation 5 this year will you have the same problem? In the past lot’s of popular consoles have only came with one controller unless purchased in a bundle. Let’s jump in and find out how many controllers your Playstation 5 comes with at launch.

How Many Controllers Does The Playstation 5 Come With?

How many controllers does the Playstation 5 come with? The Playstation 5 comes with one Dual Sense controller out of the box. If you want to play local multiplayer with friends, you will have to purchase a second controller or buy a bundle package when purchasing your Playstation 5.

How Much Is A Playstation 5 Controller?

Long gone are the days of picking up a cheap second controller. Modern day consoles have so much tech packed into the controller that the controller is more expensive than most Triple A game launches. Expect the white Playstation 5 controller to set you back around $85 unless you can manage to find it on sale.

Playstation have also released a midnight black and cosmic red controller which can sometimes be found at a cheaper price than the white version. You can check the latest prices on amazon below.

Can I Use A Playstation 4 Controller On Playstation 5?

Can I use the PS4 Controller On PS5? Yes, you are able to use the Playstation 4 controller on Playstation 5 however it can only be used on PS4 games. Playstation 5 releases will not support the Dual Shock 4 controller unfortunately. If you try to play a PS5 only Title you will be greeted with the message “PS5 games can’t be played using the Dualshock 4”.

So, if you want to play local multiplayer on the latest PS5 games you will still have to fork out the cash for a PS5 controller.

How To Connect A PS4 Controller To A PS5?

To connect a PS4 controller to a PS5 you will need a microUSB cable. Follow the below steps to connect it:

  1. Plug the usb of the microUSB cable into your Playstation 5
  2. Plug the MicroUSB into the PS4 controller
  3. Press and hold the Playstation button on your controller for 5 seconds until the status light flashes
  4. Once connected the Playstation will ask you to select what player this controller should be
  5. Once selected you can remove the USB cable and start using the PS4 controller on the PS5

Is There Any Budget PS5 Controllers Available?

Currently there is not much on offer on the budget controller market for the Playstation 5 even a year after release. Sony really want you to purchase their official controllers as it obviously makes them more money.

The only alternative controllers currently on the market are made for competitive gaming and usually come in at a much higher price point than the Sony official controllers.

What is The Best Competitive Controller For PS5?

If the PS5 dual sense controller isn’t doing it for you and you want more from your controller then an e-sports focused controller might be for you.

It has taken a while for companies to come out with their own version of PS5 controllers but in 2022 we are finally seeing some come to market.

If you want the best is e-sports controllers we would recommend checking out Scuffs range of Playstation 5 controllers. They just announced their Reflex range of controllers which aim to give you a leg up on the competition with lots of added features.

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Wrapping Up

Unfortunately that wasn’t the answer you were hoping for. We wish that these console manufacturers would give us more than one controller at launch but due to the price of them it is very unlikely that we will see it anytime soon. In the mean time you can use your old PS4 controllers while you wait for a budget friendly version of the PS5 controller to release. Otherwise you will have to fork out the money for an Official PS5 controller.

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