Discord is the best place on the internet for gamers and streamers to hang out. The platform was originally created so friends could chat while gaming however over the past few years it has evolved massively.

You now have communities from all walks of life coming to the platform to create groups. You may have found that the list of servers you have joined is becoming absolutely massive. It may even be unmanageable. What if you could create multiple Discord accounts to group your servers by niche. For example you might have an account you use for Gaming/Streaming and one you use in crypto servers. This might sound great but are you allowed to create multiple discord accounts? Let’s find out.

Are You Allowed To Create Multiple Discord Accounts?

Yes, you are allowed to create multiple accounts on Discord. For example you may have a discord account for personal use and another for business use. Discord currently doesn’t have a feature allowing you to easily switch between accounts so you will have to log in and out of the accounts you want to use. This can be annoying as you will only get notifications for the account that you are logged in on.

How Many Discord Accounts Can You Have?

You can have as many Discord accounts as you want. Discord have not imposed a specific limit on the number of accounts you are allowed. You will need to have a new email for each account that you create. As long as you are not creating accounts for the purpose of spam then there will be no issues with having multiple accounts.

Are Discord ALTs Against Terms Of Service?

No, Discord ALT accounts are not against Discord terms of service. You can create as many discord accounts as you like, as long as they are not being used for malicious purposes. Creating multiple accounts for the purpose of spamming servers is against the Discord TOS.

People use alts for a number of reasons on Discord. Maybe they want different accounts for different communities as we suggested earlier. In some occasions people may want to join a Discord server but not let people know that it is them in the Discord. If this is the case an alt is the perfect way to blend in.

If you’re just starting streaming you may be nervous about sharing your stream with friends. If that’s the case you may want a separate account with a different name where you communicate with your streams audience.

Can You Have Multiple Discord Accounts On One Email?

No, your email is the unique identifier of your discord account. If you want to create a new Discord account you will need to use a new, unique email address. The easiest way to this is by using a trick in Gmail allowing you to get a second unique address without creating a new account. This may also work on other email service providers.

When creating a second account on Discord instead of using:

[email protected] you can use [email protected]

You can create as many of these emails as you like. For example you can have [email protected]

This essentially gives you a secondary email address without creating another account. All emails that go to the secondary address will show in your main email inbox.

Discord do not allow you to create multiple accounts on one email address as it would make it easy for spammers to create thousands of accounts.

Can You Have Multiple Discord Accounts On One Phone Number?

No, you can only tie your phone number to one Discord account. If you want to add a phone number to a second account, it will have to be a new number. Luckily most servers do not require your account to be phone number verified. If they do you will have to use your original account to join or get a secondary phone number.

How To Manage Multiple Discord Accounts On Desktop

There are multiple ways to manage multiple discord accounts on your computer.

Application + Browser

The easiest way to manage multiple Discord accounts is to login through the discord application on one account and log in through a browser on the other account.

This means you can have both accounts up at the same time.

Chrome Profiles

In google Chrome they have a feature that allows you to create multiple profiles. You can create a chrome profile for each discord account. You can then switch between these profiles or have both up at the same time to access both of your discord accounts.

Check out this tutorial on How to set up profiles on Chrome.

How To Manage Multiple Discord Accounts On Mobile

Unfortunately, Discord does not allow you to switch between accounts just yet. To use multiple accounts on mobile you have two options.

Option 1 – Log In & Out

The simplest way to use multiple accounts is logging in and out of your accounts when you want to use them. The downside of this is it can take some time to log in and out.

Option 2 – Use A Browser & App

The other option is to be logged in through the app in one account and have your second account logged in through your browser. This means you will get notifications on one account (logged into the app). You will also be able to quickly check for notifications on your other account through a browser tab you keep open.

Wrapping Up

So, now you know everything there is to know about having multiple accounts on Discord. You can feel safe knowing that creating a second account isn’t going to get you banned on Discord.

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