All streaming platforms have a form of currency you can use to donate. With Twitch it’s Bits, with Youtube it is your country’s currency and with Facebook it is stars. If you have landed on this article, you are likely wondering what facebook stars are and exactly how much are the stars worth?

Let’s jump in and take a look at how much Facebook stars are actually worth.

What Are Facebook Stars?

Facebook stars are Facebook’s method of monetising your stream. Viewers have the ability to purchase stars and donate them to their favorite streamers. Viewers also have the ability to attach animated, virtual gifts to their stars when they send them.

How Much Are Facebook Stars Worth For Streamers?

Every star a streamer on Facebook receives is worth $0.01. At the end of every month, your total stars will be calculated and you will be paid 30 days after the end of the month the stars were received.

This means that for every 100 stars a streamer receives they will earn $1.

How Much Is 100 Stars On Facebook

100 Stars on Facebook are worth $1 to the streamer. Viewers can purchase 95 stars on Facebook for $1.99. This means that the creator is receiving less than half of the money the viewer is paying for the stars.

The main reason the FB cut is so much, is due to the large 30% cut that apple takes on transactions through the app store.

How Much Are Facebook Stars Worth

Below I have put together a table outlining how much different amounts of Facebook stars are worth.

Facebook StarsStar Value
1 Stars$0.01
100 Stars$1
1,000 Stars$10
5,000 Stars$50
10,000 Stars$100
20,000 Stars$200
50,000 Stars$500
100,000 Stars$1000
How Much Are Facebook Stars Worth

How Much Do Facebook Stars Cost For Viewers?

While streamers receive $1 for every 100 stars they receive viewers have to pay more than that for the stars. Viewers will usually have to purchase stars at a price of $1.40 per 100 stars. This is one of facebooks revenue streams for their streaming platform. For every 100 stars purchased, Facebook makes $0.40.

This is very similar to Twitch’s bit model where they charge more than the streamer receives, therefore making a profit.

If you purchase Facebook stars during sale events or buy in bulk, you may be able to receive stars at a cheaper price.

Do Facebook Take A Cut Of Stars?

Yes, for every $1.40 spent on stars, Facebook will take a $0.40 cut on that purchase. This is one of Facebooks revenue streams and how they support their streaming platform. If someone purchases in bulk or during a sale event Facebook will receive a smaller portion of money while streamers will still receive the $0.01 per star.

How Many Stars Do I Need To Earn Before Getting A Payout?

As a Facebook creator, you will need to earn 10,000 stars or $100 before you are able to get a payout. Once you have reached the payout threshold you can receive your payout via multiple payment methods including Paypal.

Wrapping Up

That’s everything you need to know about stars on Facebook. The model is essentially the same as Twitch’s bit model but they changed the name to stars. If you are a streamer, stars are a great way for your audience to support you.

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