If you have just started watching streamers on Twitch you may be wondering what exactly Twitch Prime subs are and how they benefit the streamer. A normal subscription on Twitch is paid for by the viewer and the streamer receives a portion of that money. However, Twitch Prime subscriptions are free for the viewer. Do streamers still get paid for Prime subs?

In this article, we are going to take a look at how much streamers get paid from Twitch Prime subs. Let’s jump in and take a look.

How Much Do Streamers Get Paid Per Prime Sub?

Twitch streamers get the same amount of money for a Prime sub as they do for a normal sub. This equates to approximately $2.50 or $3.50 if they are on a higher revenue share deal with Twitch. While subscriptions are free for Prime users the streamer benefits just the same from the subscriptions.

If you already have Amazon Prime signing up to Twitch Prime and getting a free subscription is a great way to support your favorite streamer without having to spend any money.

What Are The Benefits Of Twitch Prime?

Twitch Prime does not only get you a free Twitch subscription but gets you access to lots of other features on Twitch. Below is a full list of Twitch Prime/Prime Gaming benefits:

  • Free Twitch Channel Subscription Every Month
  • Free Games Every Month (Prime Gaming)
  • Free in-game Loot for Popular Games
  • Exclusive Emoticons
  • Expanded Chat Color Options
  • Member Only Prime Chat badge

The most widely used feature is the free Twitch Prime subscription. However, you can’t complain about getting free access to games every month as well as picking up free loot from the games you already play.

How Much Do Streamers Make From Twitch Prime?

How much a streamer makes from Twitch Prime will depend on the size of their stream. Some small streamers with 100 or so average live viewers may make $500 – $2000 per month from Twitch Prime subscriptions. This can be a huge help to small streamers allowing them to go full-time with their stream.

Large streamers can make millions from Twitch Prime subscriptions alone. During the Twitch leak, we saw that some of the top Twitch creators were making millions of dollars per year from a combination of Prime Subscriptions, Normal subscriptions and ads.

If you want to see how much some of these streamers are pulling in per month check out Streamer Net Worth section. Here we estimate how much top streamers are making per month from their channel. Some of them are making hundreds of thousands per month on their Twitch channel.

The biggest risk factor for smaller streamers is Twitch removing the free Prime subscription. This free subscription costs Twitch a lot of money every single month. If they remove this feature some streamers will lose a lot of their monthly revenue as viewers are less likely to subscribe with their own hard-earned money.

How Many Prime Subs Does A Prime Member Get?

If you are an Amazon Prime member you will get free access to Twitch Prime/Prime gaming. This access gets you one free Twitch Channel subscription each month. Your Prime sub will renew 30 days after you use it. You can then subscribe to the same streamer again or subscribe to a new one.

Your Prime subscription does not automatically renew. If you want to continue to subscribe to someone you will have to do it manually.

What Percentage Of Subscriptions Are Prime Subscriptions?

The chart below from Stream Hatchett shows us that ~45% of Subscriptions on Twitch are from Twitch Prime subscriptions. This means that a massive amount of Streamers revenue is coming directly from Prime subscriptions.

Credit: Stream Hatchett

As we mentioned above, if Prime subs were discontinued it would have a massive impact on the amount of money that streamers can earn. Twitch is essentially paying for 45% of the subs on their platform. If they want to become profitable at some point in the future, cutting out this expense will likely be considered. It is a considerable risk for small streamers going full-time.

How To Get More Prime Subs As A Streamer

If you are a streamer and you are trying to get as many subscriptions as possible we would recommend reminding your audience of the Prime subscription. When people use their prime subscription they usually forget about it and don’t remember when it has renewed again.

If you have a lot of new audiences they may want to subscribe to you if you politely remind them about Prime. If you don’t mention it, they will likely continue on with their content and forget they even had a Prime sub available.

Wrapping Up

Now you know how much a Prime subscription is worth to the person you are donating to. Every time you gift a Prime sub to a streamer you are giving them $2.50 right out of Jeff Bezos pocket. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription already you may as well sign up for Prime gaming and help out your favorite streamers.

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