Twitch Streamer Gaules
Full NameAlexandre Borba
Date of BirthDecember 2, 1983
Net Worth$7,200,000
Twitch Followers2,965,059
Gaules Streamer Bio

Who is Gaules?

Gaules is a former CS:GO pro player (and later on coach) who started streaming in December of 2017. He began streaming after he became bankrupt and even attempted suicide. He is very open about his problems of and bouts of depression, so he can try to help others with the same condition. He also likes to reciprocate any support he gets by giving out skins to viewers and donating a lot of money he receives to charity.

This Brazilian powerhouse streams mainly CS:GO, although he sometimes also streams another game – GTA V RPG. Today, his one of the most-watched Counter Strike channels worldwide. He also sometimes streams major tournaments like Dreamhack, CS:GO Majors, and the Blat Pro Series.

Twitch Leaks

In a Twitch leak on 06/10/2021 documents revealed that Gaules had supposedly made $2,844,985.18 from Twitch payouts alone from August 2019 to October 2021. This total does not include revenue from other platforms such as Youtube, Sponsorships, or merch. Some streamers have confirmed the numbers to be about right however it is speculative right now.

What Is Gaules Net Worth?

What is Gaules Net Worth? Gaules has an estimated Net worth of over $7,200,000. He is currently estimated to be making $410,519.30 per month from multiple revenue streams.

How Much Does Gaules Make Per Month?

Gaules is estimated to make $410,519.30 per month from multiple income streams. This includes Twitch subs, Ad Revenue, and brand deals.

How Does Gaules Make Money?


Subs – Twitch Subs are split between the streamer and Twitch. New streamers are in a Tier 1 bracket and will get a 50/50 split making their subs worth $2.50. Once a streamer is pulling in enough views 1000+ per month they can re-negotiate their split to either a 60/40 split (Tier 2) or 70/30 (Tier 3) if they are really popular.

Bits -For every bit a streamer receives they get $0.01.

Ads – When streamers run ads on Twitch they make around $10-20 CPM depending on their contracts. This means they earn $10-20 per 1000 viewers on the stream when the ad runs.

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Ads -Youtube channels get paid per 1000 views (CPM). Usually in the gaming niche creators will make $2-7 CPM meaning they will get paid $2-7 for every 1000 views on their channel. However, not all views are monetized due to ad blockers, etc. Most channels get paid for around 80% of their views.

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How Much Does Gaules Make Per Month On Twitch?

Gaules makes approximately $403,364.50 per month directly from Twitch. This is broken down by the following:

screengrab from twitchtracker

Subs – Gaules has 77,762 active subscribers as of November 2022 according to Twitchtracker. This means he is earning approximately $3.50 x 77,762 = $272,167 from Twitch subs monthly as he is likely to have a 70/30 split with Twitch.

Ads – Gaules streamed for approximately 715 hours last month with an average viewership of 35,383 viewers (half of this time is reruns). If he runs an ad twice an hour at a $5 CPM he would make 1430 x 5 x 35.3 = $252,395 per month from ads. However, because half of the time constitutes reruns, it’s likely he makes around half of that, or $126,197.5 approximately.

Donations & Bits – Donations and bits are harder to calculate as we don’t have any hard numbers to go off. From his level of viewership, he is likely to make an extra $3,000 – 5,000 or more from donations each month.

Gaules Other Income Sources

How Much Does Gaules Make On Youtube?

Gaules primarily makes money on Youtube through Adsense revenue. According to Socialblade last month he pulled in 2,081,568 views. If we break this down we can get an estimate of his Youtube revenue.

screengrab from socialblade

2,081,568 views/1000 = 2,081.57

2,081.57 x $2 CPM = $4,163.14 Per Month from Youtube Adsense.

Gaules also has a second channel for his vods. According to Socialblade last month he pulled in 297,607 views. If we break this down we can get an estimate of his Youtube revenue.

screengrab from socialblade

245,834 views/1000 = 245.83

245.83 x $2 CPM = $491.66 Per Month from Youtube Adsense.

Gaules is making approximately $4,654.8 from Youtube each month.

How Much Does Gaules Make From Merch?

Gaules does not appear to have any merch, and so he is making $0 per month from merch.

Gaules is making approximately $0 from merch sales each month.

How Much Does Gaules Make From Brand Deals?

Gaules’s Twitch panels do say that he has a few brand deals, such as GamersClub.GG, VamosGG, CS.Money, and Tamo Junto Nesse Game. However, very little information is shared and so we are only able to estimate he makes about $2,500 from brand deals every month.

Gaules is making approximately $2,500 from brand deals each month.

Wrapping Up

When Gaules started streaming he didn’t have an easy life by any means – he had just become bankrupt and was so depressed he tried to commit suicide. However, through his own perseverance, he managed to turn his life around, now becoming one of Twitch’s top earners. His attitude of giving back adds to his success and popularity. Although he streams for mainly a Brazilian audience, there’s no doubt he’s captured the hearts of many.



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