Full NameJordan Thomas
Date of BirthOctober 4th, 1995
Net Worth$3,400,000
Twitch Followers1,072,614
Huskerrs Streamer Bio

Who is Huskerrs?

Huskerrs is primarily known in the E-sports and streaming world. He really blew up with the release of Warzone and was even the first person ever to win over $100,000 in Warzone earnings.

In 2020 he also won Dexerto’s award for Warzone streamer of the year. However Huskerrs didn’t rise to fame overnight. He’s actually been streaming on Twitch from 2012. He started to get noticed in 2017 when he transitioned to being a H1-Z1 pro player. When Call of Duty Blackout arrived he played it for a while until he felt it had no future. That’s when he got picked up by Rogue and created his own team to compete in Apex Legends.

He played competitive Apex for around a year before going full time warzone when it dropped. This is the Huskerrs we know and love today.

Let’s take a look and see how much Huskerrs is making.

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What Is Huskerrs Net Worth?

Huskerrs currently has an estimated Net Worth of $3.4 Million dollars. Most of his money is generated through Twitch subs and Tournament Earnings.

How Much Does Huskerrs Make Per Month?

How much does Huskerrs make? Huskerrs is making an estimated $24,207 per month from his career in streaming and content creation.

How Much Does Huskerrs Make Per Year?

Huskerrs is estimated to be making $290,484 per year when we take into account all of his monthly earnings.

How Does Huskerrs Make Money?


Subs – Twitch Subs are split between the streamer and Twitch. New streamers are in a Tier 1 bracket and will get a 50/50 split making their subs worth $2.50. Once a streamer is pulling in enough views 1000+ per month they can re-negotiate their split to either a 60/40 split (Tier 2) or 70/30 (Tier 3) if they are really popular.

Bits -For every bit a streamer receives they get $0.01.

Ads – When streamers run ads on Twitch they make around $10-20 CPM depending on their contracts. This means they earn $10-20 per 1000 viewers on the stream when the ad runs.

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Ads -Youtube channels get paid per 1000 views (CPM). Usually in the gaming niche creators will make $2-7 CPM meaning they will get paid $2-7 for every 1000 views on their channel. However not all views are monetized due to ad blockers etc. Most channels get paid for around 80% of their views.

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Huskerrs is a professional Call of Duty player and has competed in several other games over the years. Some of these tournaments put up 6 figure prize pools meaning there is money to be won. Huskerrs was the first player to win $100,000 from warzone.

How Much Does Huskerrs Make On Twitch?

Huskerrs makes approximately $23,239 per month directly from Twitch. This is broken down by the following:

Subs – Huskerrs has 2,922 active subscribers as of November 2022 according to Twitchtracker. This means he is earning approximately $3.50 x 2,922 = $10,227 from Twitch subs monthly as he is likely to have a 70/30 split with Twitch.

Ads – Huskerrs streamed for 155 hours last month with an average viewership of 3,491 viewers. If he runs an ad twice an hour at a $5 CPM he would make 210 x 5 x 3.4 = $3,570 per month from ads.

Donations & Bits – Donations and bits are harder to calculate as we don’t have any hard numbers to go off however we can make some estimates based on their top 10 donations. Huskerrs has received $1573 based on his Streamlabs Donation page. Unfortunately we can’t see a bits leaderboard on Huskerrs channel.

If we take his Top 10 donations as 33% of his total donations that means he makes an estimated $4721 from donations. He likely makes something similar from bits on Twitch.

This gives us a total of $9442 from Bits and Donations.

Huskerrs Other Other Income Sources

How Much Does Huskerrs Make On Youtube?

Huskerrs primarily makes money on Youtube through Adsense revenue. According to Socialblade last month he pulled in 68 Million views. If we break this down we can get an estimate of his Youtube revenue.

458,000 views/1000 = 458

458 x $2 CPM = $916 Per Month from Youtube Adsense.

Huskerrs is making approximately $968 from Youtube each month.

How Much Does Huskerrs Make From Tournament Earnings?

Huskers was actually the first pro to earn over $100,000 in earnings from Warzone tournaments. Obviously, with tournaments, this income can fluctuate wildly month to month.

Huskerrs has earned $207,508.37 from Warzone tournaments since the games launch which was 16 months ago. If we divide the total earnings by the number of months the game has been out for we can get a rough estimate of monthly tournament earnings.

$207,508.37/16 = $12,969 per month in tournament earnings.

Huskerrs has made $207,508.37 in total from Warzone tournaments as of August 2021.

How Much Does Huskerrs Make From Merch?

Huskerrs runs a merch store shophuskerrs.com where he sells his merch however according to SEMRush the domain doesn’t get all that much traffic. This is unlikely to be a large portion of his income. We would estimate that he is making an extra $500 per month from merch.

If you want to sell your own merch check out how to sell your merch as a streamer.

How Much Does Huskerrs Make From Brand Deals?

Huskerrs looks to have many brand partnerships when you look at his Twitch channels. Some are likely brand sponsorships where he is getting a flat payment from the brands and others are likely on a commission basis where he gets paid when someone uses his link or code.

We would estimate the Huskerrs is likely making around $15,000 per month from brand deals on youtube and Twitch.

Wrapping Up

Huskerrs has been in the game for almost a decade now and has been making a lot of money through Twitch, Youtube and tournaments for an extended period of time. This has allowed him to build up a respectable net worth of $2.8 Million and growing if he keeps winning these warzone tournaments.


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