How much does Shroud Make?
Twitch Streamer Shroud
Full NameMichael Grzesiek
Date of BirthJune 2, 1994
NationalityCanadian, Polish
Net Worth$16 Million
Twitch Followers10,403,483
Shroud Streamer Bio

Who is Shroud?

Shroud is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. He is known for his insane gaming skills. Shroud has been gaming since the age of 5 with his Dad nurturing his talent.

Shroud has played for several professional Counter Strike: Global Offense teams since he started his career. He started with Exertus eSports and Manajuma. Eventually he was signed by Complexity gaming as a stand in and later by Cloud 9 when they acquired the complexity roster. In 2018 Shroud left Cloud9 and retired from professional CS:GO.

Since then he has exploded his content creation and streaming brand totalling over 9 Million followers on Twitch. He was one of the popular streamers to get a huge Mixer contract deal which he eventually got bought out of for 8 figures when Mixer closed their platform.

He has since went back to streaming on Twitch and is still pulling in boat loads of cash. Most of his Net Worth comes from the huge Mixer contract but let’s take a look at what he is currently pulling in on Twitch.

What Is Shroud Net Worth?

Shroud has an estimated Net worth of over $16,000,000. The majority of this net worth comes from the huge deal he signed with Mixer. He is currently pulling in approximately $86,913 per month from streaming.

How Much Does Shroud Make Per Month?

Shroud is estimated to make $86,913 per month from multiple income streams. This includes Twitch subs, Ad Revenue, and brand deals.

How Does Shroud Make Money?


Subs – Twitch Subs are split between the streamer and Twitch. New streamers are in a Tier 1 bracket and will get a 50/50 split making their subs worth $2.50. Once a streamer is pulling in enough views 1000+ per month they can re-negotiate their split to either a 60/40 split (Tier 2) or 70/30 (Tier 3) if they are really popular.

Bits -For every bit a streamer receives they get $0.01.

Ads – When streamers run ads on Twitch they make around $10-20 CPM depending on their contracts. This means they earn $10-20 per 1000 viewers on the stream when the ad runs.

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Ads -Youtube channels get paid per 1000 views (CPM). Usually in the gaming niche creators will make $2-7 CPM meaning they will get paid $2-7 for every 1000 views on their channel. However, not all views are monetized due to ad blockers, etc. Most channels get paid for around 80% of their views.

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How Much Does Shroud Make Per Month On Twitch?

Shroud makes approximately $38,773 per month directly from Twitch. This is broken down by the following:

Shroud Screengrab from Twitch Tracker

Subs – Shroud has 2,600 active subscribers as of November 2022 according to Twitchtracker. This means he is earning approximately $3.50 x 2,600 = $9,100 from Twitch subs monthly as he is likely to have a 70/30 split with Twitch.

Ads – Shroud streamed for approximately 103 hours last month with an average viewership of 19,189 viewers. If he runs an ad twice an hour at a $5 CPM he would make 206 x 5 x 19.1 = $19,673 per month from ads.

Donations & Bits – Donations and bits are harder to calculate as we don’t have any hard numbers to go off. Shroud does not show his top stream elements or Twitch bit donations which means we don’t have any accurate data to pull from.

However from his level of viewership he is likely pulling in at least $10,000 per month in donations from his stream.

Shroud Other Income Sources

How Much Does Shroud Make On Youtube?

Shroud primarily makes money on Youtube through Adsense revenue. According to Socialblade last month he pulled in 11,570,248 Million views. If we break this down we can get an estimate of his Youtube revenue.

Screengrab from

11.6m views/1000 = 11,570

11,570 x $2 CPM = $23,140 Per Month from Youtube Adsense.

Shroud is making approximately $23,140 from Youtube each month.

How Much Does Shroud Make From Merch?

Shroud does not appear to have a merch store at the moment, which means he probably makes $0 a month from merch sales.

Shroud is making approximately $0 from merch sales each month.

How Much Does Shroud Make From Brand Deals?

According to Shroud’s Twitch page, he currently has brand deals with Logitech, Nitrado and Zero Hour. Unfortunately, it’s rather difficult to estimate how much he earns from these partnerships. It’s likely that Shroud makes about $25,000-$40,000 or more per month from brand deals.

Shroud is making approximately $25,000 from brand deals each month.

Wrapping Up

Shroud is an OG in the streaming space. His Mixer deal was one of the biggest ever in the gaming/streaming industry and makes up the majority of his net worth. While he isn’t pulling in the views he used to he is still one of the most popular streamers on Twitch pulling in some serious money.


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