Crypto has been blowing up lately with people making crazy gains, dogecoin going wild and Elon Musk pumping the markets. More and more people are adopting Cryptocurrency every day and there is probably a good chance that some of your viewers are using crypto.

This may have got you thinking about how can you take tips and donations in cryptocurrency. After all, it could be a nice way to start building your own crypto portfolio.

Below we have two methods of accepting crypto on your site. One for Streamlabs users and one for Non-Streamlabs users.

How To Accept Crypto Donations On Twitch With Streamlabs

Streamlabs released an integration with Coinbase allowing you to accept donations on stream with four main Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.

When you receive a donation through Streamlabs the Cryptocurrency will be deposited to your coinbase account. Streamlabs do not take a fee from the donation. The only fee’s will be the transaction fees of the cryptocurrency your viewer decides to donate in.

When using Streamlabs integration feature you will also get donation alerts when you receive a crypto donation.

Step By Step Guide To Adding Cryptocurrency Donations

To setup these donations you will need to have a Coinbase Account.

Step 1 – Go to Streamlabs –> Settings –> Donation Settings

Step 2 – Login and connect your Coinbase account to your Streamlabs account

Now when a viewer goes to your donation page they will see an option to use cryptocurrency as well as fiat payments. This is a great integration for crypto fans.

How To Accept Crypto Donations On Twitch

If you’re not using streamlabs you will need to integrate your donations using a different method.

Accept Crytocurrency Donations Manually

The simplest way to accept cryptocurrency on your stream is just by adding your wallet address to your channel description on Twitch. I would recommend adding your Bitcoin wallet address if you opt for this method as it is the most popular and widely accepted cryptocurrency.

If you do not have a cryptocurrency wallet yet you can sign up to coinbase and create a bitcoin wallet. You can then copy and paste that wallet address into your Twitch description.

Viewers who know how to use crypto will easily be able to make donations through this method.

The biggest downside is that there is no way to easily integrate this with your alerts on Twitch. It may be hard to notice any BTC donations you get while being live on stream.

Accept Crypto Donation Using NowPayments

Nowpayments is a Crypto Payments platform which allows you to accept Crypto donations and gives you access to Dashboard and Reporting Features.

By using this you can get a Donation Button embedded in your channel description which is likely to convert higher than something like a wallet address.

Step 1 – Create a NowPayments account by clicking here

Step 2 – In your Dashboard go to Store Settings and add a BTC wallet under outcome wallet. If you do not have a BTC wallet set one up using Coinbase.

Click save to save this as your main wallet.

Step 3 – In store settings go to API Key and select create new API Key

Step 4 – Create a donation link by going to –> Account Settings –> Donation Link

Step 5 – Go to this handy Donation button generator on Now Payments. Go to step 2 and paste your API code from Store settings to generate a donation button.

You can then select whether or not you want a Black or White button.

Once you have selected the button style you want, download the image and copy the link

Step 6 – The final step is to add this button to your Twitch panels with your donation link.

You are now ready to receive crypto donations through your Twitch panels.

When someone clicks on the button in your panels they will be redirected to a page that looks like this to donate:

add a crypto currency donation to your stream

Now your viewers can choose from 100s of cryptocurrencies to donate to your stream.

Wrapping Up

With cryptocurrencies becoming more and more popular by the day it’s a great idea to add a Crypto donation method to your stream. The more ways you offer your followers to donate the higher the chance you will get donations on stream! Have fun collecting some Crypto.

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