If you do a lot of just chatting streams or maybe just want your chat on screen for VODs then you’re in the right place. Having chat on screen can be a great way to give viewers on Youtube or vods more context to what’s going on. When a streamer is interacting with chat but the viewer is unable to see that chat it makes for a bad experience.

If you are big on re-uploading your streams or clips from your streams to Youtube then this may be for you. Let’s jump in and show you how to add a chatbox on screen in Streamlabs OBS.

How To Add A Chat Box To Streamlabs OBS (Show Chat On Screen)

Luckily Streamlabs has a feature built in allowing us to embed a chat box in our scene. Let’s jump in.

Step 1 – Add Chatbox Source

Go down to the sources section in Streamlabs and select the + to add a new source.

Go to the widgets section and select Chatbox –> Add Source.

You can then input a name for your Chatbox. I just call mine “Chatbox”.

Once we have given our chatbox a name we can move to the next step.

Step 2 – Adjust How Your Chat Box Looks

You can now adjust how your chatbox looks. Honestly I like the default look of the chat but Streamlabs has multiple different themes built in.

You can also edit what badges you want to show as well as enabling BetterTTV and FrankerFaceX Emotes.

Click Done and you will now be able to adjust where on the screen you want to display your chat and what size you want it to be.

How To Add A Chatbox Using OBS

Setting up a chatbox in OBS is a little different than setting it up in Streamlabs. To install a Chatbox widget in OBS you will want to setup a Streamlabs.com account.

You will then want to go to your Streamlabs Dashboard in your browser where you can set up your chatbox.

Step 1 – Create a Chat Box Widget

Go to your Streamlabs Dashboard –> All widgets and then search for chatbox.

Click enter and it will take you to the chatbox settings page. Here you can adjust everything that we discussed above (Chat, Fonts etc).

You can also select the theme of your chat box. Once you have changed up the settings to what you want copy the widget URL.

Step 2 – Add Chatbox To OBS

Open OBS Studio –> Add Sources –> Browser –> Create New –> Okay

You will then see the screen below. Here you will want to add the URL we copied from our Streamlabs Dashboard. Paste the URL and click OK.

Your chatbox will then appear in your OBS Scene. You can move and adjust the size to your liking.

You will now have your chat box on scene.

Wrapping Up

You should now have added a chat box to Streamlabs and OBS so your stream can see what’s happening in chat. It’s a great way to have more engaging VODs.

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