Have you thought about doing some speed runs on your stream or maybe you just want to show your uptime on stream? You’ll need to install some form of countdown timer app on your Streamlabs.

Personally, I use a countdown timer when I’m doing Call Of Duty Zombies streams and want to show how long my game has been going for. No matter what you’re using it for this article will get you up and running with a stream timer.

How To Set Up Snaz App for Timers On Stream

To get a timer into our scene in Streamlabs we are going to be using a free timer app called Snaz. You can download the app for free here.

Step 1: Install the Snaz app on your computer

You will see a screen like this. It looks a little complicated but it’s easy enough once you get the hang of things.

Snaz Countdown timer for streamlabs

There are multiple types of timers you can use when setting up Snaz.

Countdown To Specific Date: This counts down to a specific date and time you set in Snaz. You could use this coming up to the launch of a game or patch update potentially.

Chrono Down: Chrono down allows you to set a number of hours/minutes and countdown. You could use this if your stream is a specific length to let your viewers know how long is left.

Chrono Up: Chrono Up allows you to count up. You could use this for speed runs. This is the one I personally use when I’m timing my zombie games.

So let’s show you how to set each of these timers up.

Countdown to Specific Time

Snaz Countdown to specific date

To set this up select the date and time you want the timer to end in the count to box. You can then select a message you want to display once the countdown timer ends.

Chrono Down

To find Chronos Down go to Chronos in the top menu.

Chrono down timer snaz

To set this up select how long you want the timer to countdown for in the top box (Down From:). You can then select a message for when your timer finishes.

Chrono Up

To find Chronos Down go to Chronos in the top menu.

chrono up timer snaz

To set this up select when you want your timer to stop counting down.

Adding The Timer To OBS

Once we have our timer set up we then need to add our timer to our Streamlabs or OBS.

The first time you start this timer you will need to start the timer before copying it. Once you have started the timer click Copy Path to Clipboard.

Open up your Streamlabs/OBS and add a new text source. Select the “Read from file box” and paste the timer in the Text section. You can also adjust the font, style and colours in here if you want.

You will need to leave Snaz open while you’re streaming to have the countdown timer active.

Just click Done when you’re ready and your timer will appear inside your stream. You can then move it to wherever you desire in your scene.

That should be you all set up with your stream timer. If you’re using the same type of timer each time you stream you will not need to keep pasting it into your scene every time.

Just open snaz and start the timer and it will pop up again in your stream scene.

Wrapping Up Stream Timers

Hopefully, this article has helped you get set up with stream timers so you can start killing it in those speed runs.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us in the comments down below.

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