There’s numerous reasons you may want to add a delay to your stream inside Streamlabs. One of the most popular reasons is, you are using a capture card that has a slight delay and you want to sync your audio to your video so everything sounds perfect. Other people may want to delay to avoid stream snipers.

Let’s jump in and show you step by step how you can add a delay in Streamlabs OBS.

How To Sync Capture Card To Audio Using A Stream Delay

A popular problem people have is their gameplay footage being behind their voice when they are using the Elgato range of capture cards. All capture cards generally have some amount of delay which we currently cannot get rid of. To fix this we can delay our microphone, alerts etc so everything syncs up. There is nothing worse than watching something where the audio is out of sync.

To fix this open up Streamlabs and go to your mixer.

When you click on this settings cog you can see all of your sources that provide audio to your stream. On my setup I have a capture card for my Xbox and a capture card for my camera. The delay on both these devices for me is roughly the same. There is virtually no delay on my Microphone so my voice comes through before my game and camera.

To fix this we can add a Sync Offset to the microphone, making all sources sync together. Setting this to 140ms works perfectly for me and will likely be close to what you need if you’re using Elgato devices.

If you are using a different brand of capture device you may need to play around with the Sync Offset to get it to perfectly sync up.

How To Add A Stream Delay to Your Stream

You may want to add a stream delay to your whole stream. Lot’s of streamers do this to avoid stream sniping (People joining a streamers game to ruin their experience/play with the streamer). You may also want to do this if you’re playing a game like poker as you definitely do not want other players to see your cards.

To add this type of stream delay in Streamlabs open your settings and go down to Advanced. Under advanced scroll down to Stream Delay and select enable.

Under the duration section you can select how long you want the delay to last for. This will depend on the reason you are adding a stream delay.

It’s worth noting that when you add a stream delay the longer it is the harder it is to talk to your chat. If you say something and chat doesn’t see it until 1 minute later it makes it very hard to have any sort of conversation with the chat.

You can adjust your stream delay over time to get the perfect balance of how long the stream delay should be which still allows your chat to communicate with you. I would recommend around 30 seconds as well as hiding your screen when searching for games. This will make it harder for stream snipers to get into your game.

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Wrapping Up

Hopefully you can now add a perfect stream delay to your stream to avoid screen lookers and stream snipers. Enjoy being able to play without the havoc of viewers trying to join your game.

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