We have all seen filters on social media that give your images a different look or feel. Maybe they even make you look a little better. Well, you can actually use a similar effect on video. These are called LUTs (Look Up Tables). You can apply them over a video or your webcam in OBS. This will give your face cam a different look or improve your quality.

Let’s jump in and see how you can apply a LUT on OBS Studio.

How To Add LUTs To Your Webcam In OBS

Follow the steps below to set up your LUT.

  1. Download the LUT of your choice. If it is a single LUT it will likely download as a .cube file which you can add to the OBS filters folder. If you download a ZIP pack with multiple LUTs you will need to unzip them in your OBS filters folder.

    My filters folder was located at: C:\Program Files\obs-studio\data\obs-plugins\obs-filters\LUTs

    Yours will be located were you installed OBS. As you can see there is a few default LUTs already located in the folder.
  1. Drag your LUT into this folder or Unzip your LUT pack to this folder. This will make these LUTs available for use in OBS Studio. As you can see I dragged some LUTs from Rocket Stocks 35 pack of free LUTs.
  1. Open OBS Studio
  2. Right click on your webcam source and select filters. In the Filters panel go to Effect Filters –> “+” –> Apply LUT –> Give Your LUT a name.
  1. Click on the browse button and select the LUT that you want to apply to your webcam.
  1. You can then adjust how strong you want your LUT to be by adjusting the “amount” slider.

You have now successfully installed a LUT on your webcam. This can completely change the mood of your stream if you choose the right LUT.

You can see the before and after on mine below.

Before LUT
After LUT

My Webcam Still Looks Bad With A LUT?

A LUT will fix a poor quality webcam. Before applying a LUT you should have a good lighting setup. Once you have your webcam looking as good as it possibly can, you can then add a LUT to enhance the image.

I would recommend checking out our 7 Alternatives to Elgato key lights if you need some cheap lighting.

Best Free LUTs For Streamers

If you want some free LUTs to try on your stream check out the links below:

Wrapping Up

Hopefully this guide has helped you install a LUT on your stream. A single LUT can completely change the vibe of your just chatting streams. Let us know down in the comments if this guide helped you out.

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