Adding multiple cameras to your stream can be a great way to increase your production value on stream. Potentially you have some interesting ideas that requires multiple cameras or you just want to add a second camera behind you to give a full view of your setup.

In this article we are going to break down everything you need to do to add a second camera, webcam or go pro to your setup.

Let’s jump in.

What Do I Need To Add A Second Camera To My Stream

This will depend on the camera you are adding to your stream.

If you are using a USB webcam you can plug the Web Cam directly into the computer without any extra equipment.

If you want to add a DSLR camera to your stream you may need to purchase a capture card to connect your camera. You will need a capture card for every extra DSLR camera you want to add.

If you’re unsure how to connect your camera to your computer you can check out our guide on How to connect a DSLR to your stream.

We actually tested a fairly cheap capture card that only costs $20. The results shocked us. If you have a spare second camera lying around it could be a good option.

You may also need a few HDMI to HDMI micro connectors for each camera you want to add. You will not need this with a USB webcam.

Before moving to the next step make sure you have connected your second camera to your PC using your chosen method.

How To Add A Second Camera To Streamlabs

It’s actually really simple to add a second camera to your stream. We go through the same process as you originally used to set up your camera outlined below.

To add a second camera open Streamlabs and add new source.

Select Video Capture Device –> Add Source. You will then see the screen below which shows existing cameras. We want to select Add a new source instead in the bottom left.

Once selected you will be asked to give your new camera a name (Second Camera) then click on Add Source.

You can then select your second camera from the drop-down list and click on done. Your second camera will now appear in your scene.

It’s really that easy to get set up with a multi-camera setup on Streamlabs. You can also use this method to add more cameras to Streamlabs.

Adding A Camera To A New Scene

If you want to have your second camera in a new scene then you just create a new scene and follow the same steps as above. This is perfect if you want a second camera that sits behind you showing off your whole setup in between games etc.

How To Add A Second Camera To OBS

Adding a second camera to OBS is also very easy. To do this open up OBS and navigate to Sources –> Add New Source –> Video Capture Device. Give your Second Camera a name then click on OK.

You will then see the screen below where you are able to select your camera from the drop-down under the device section. Select your camera and click OK to add the second camera to your scene.

You will now be able to move the camera around your scene to your desired location.

Add Your Camera To A Second Scene

You can add your camera to a second scene by creating a new scene and following the steps above.

Ideas For A Second Camera

  1. Keyboard/Controller cam -Show your keyboard or controller skills off with a second camera
  2. Pet Cam – If your pet is in your stream room get a camera to place on their bed so people can see what they are up to.
  3. Room Cam – Place your cam at an angle where visitors can see your whole setup.

More Cameras Means More Resources

If you add multiple cameras to one scene you are going to be using more of your computer’s resources which could potentially cause some framerate drops. If this is happening I would only recommend having your second camera in a different scene. This way you can switch between different scenes to showcase different angles in your Twitch setup.

Wrapping Up

You should now be able to add a second or even multiple cameras to your stream without any problems. Hopefully, your viewers will enjoy the increase in production value on your stream.

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