When you check out other streamers’ pages, chances are you probably end up taking a glance at their panels, too. A streamer’s panels can say a lot about them and their channel, which is why so many people use these spaces to display information about themselves, their interests, their sponsorships and partnerships, and more.

Many streamers also use their panels to display their stream schedules. A streaming schedule is exactly as the name might suggest — it tells viewers when they can expect you to go live next. If you are a streamer, it’s always good to put your schedule somewhere your viewers can see it. You might even want to put it in multiple places, just to make sure no one misses it.

Why Should You Put Your Stream Schedule on Your Channel?

Ask even a moderately successful streamer for advice and chances are you’ll get this tip at some point: consistency is key.

As a streamer starting out on Twitch (or even one with some success), one of the biggest things that can help you grow is making sure your viewers know when to expect you to go live so that they can come by. A stream schedule also helps you to build hype for special days or events — or even just for a game that you’re feeling really excited to play.

Putting your stream schedule up isn’t for your viewers exclusively. You, too, can benefit from having a set schedule. After all, a schedule helps to establish a routine and keep you accountable. It can also help you plan your content so you won’t be sitting in front of your computer at stream time feeling at a loss for what game to boot up.

If you’re ready to start putting yours up on your channel, here is what you can do to get started.

Add Your Stream Schedule Through Twitch’s Schedule Feature

Go to any streamer’s channel and you’ll probably find the Schedule tab right above the space where their panels usually go.

Twitch didn’t use to have a dedicated feature for putting up schedules, so only a couple of years ago people had to get real creative. However, you can now start putting your schedule up through your Twitch channel or your Creator Dashboard.

To edit your schedule, click on the Edit Schedule button from your channel page which will take you straight to the editing page.

Alternatively, navigate to your Creator Dashboard by clicking on your avatar on the right-hand side of the Twitch website.

Navigate to your Creator Dashboard.

Here’s what you need to do from this point onward:

  1. Once you’re in your Creator Dashboard, navigate to Settings > Channel. Click on Schedule.
  1. From this page, you can start editing your schedule. Twitch helps you out by conveniently making sure that your schedule gets delivered to viewers in their own timezone — so you’ll never have to make any conversions yourself. Click on Add Stream to open up the popup.
Click on Add Stream.
  1. On the Add Stream popup, you can start inputting all the information you have available. You can set your schedule to repeat every certain day of the week. You can even set the duration of your stream. If you want to make another entry, check Add Another before you Save Changes.

Add Your Stream Schedule to Your Panels

Your Twitch Panels are a great way to display your schedule quickly and conveniently. Go to your channel then click on the About tab to bring up your panels.

Put your schedule in your panels.

From the about section, you can toggle Edit Panels to start adding your schedule. You can do it in a few ways: adding an image, using text, or even using an extension.

Using Text or an Image (or Both)

  1. Click on the big rectangle with a + sign, then use on Add a Text or Image Panel.
  1. Upload your schedule image (remember it will be scaled to 320 pixels wide) by clicking on Add Image. You can set it to link to something if you’d like. You can use an image you created yourself (you can use Canva, for example) or have someone make one for you through Fiverr.

Alternatively, you can use just text by adding a Panel Title, then putting your schedule in the Description. Click on Submit and you’re good to go!

Using a Twitch Extension

A popular Twitch extension for streamers is the Streamlabs Stream Schedule & Countdown.

Not only does it display your next scheduled stream, it also does a countdown until that time so viewers know when to come back.

Install and configure the extension, then make sure that you have it showing up in your panels by adding a new extension panel:

Bonus: Adding Your Schedule to your Offline Screen

Your offline screen is a great way to show potential viewers when they can come back to see you live. If you don’t know how to add an offline banner on Twitch, this guide can help you out. You can create your own graphic, purchase one, or hire someone to make one for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a bad idea to put my stream schedule in multiple places?

Not necessarily! Many streamers keep their stream schedule visible on their Twitch panels and offline screens. They may also put it up on their Discord server and social media accounts.

The only real drawback to putting your schedule in multiple places is the fact that you’ll have to update multiple things if you change your schedule frequently. You may want to keep it at a minimum if your schedule changes on a week-by-week basis.

What else can you do to inform your viewers about your schedule?

Besides putting your schedule on your panels and offline screen, you can also do a few other things to keep your viewers apprised of when you go live. Here are some examples below:

  • Put your schedule in a special #schedule channel on your Discord server. Don’t forget to let people know that you have a server where you put regular updates! You may want to create a !discord command on your stream to help out.
  • If you use social media regularly, consider putting your schedule there. If your schedule remains the same every week, you can pin it as the top post on your Twitter timeline so that it’s the first thing people see every time they visit your Twitter page.
  • Create a !schedule command on your channel that contains your schedule so that viewers have a quick and easy way of finding out that information.
  • Before ending your stream, tell your viewers when you are going live next, or what your stream plans are for the rest of the week.

And, of course, don’t forget to update your schedule whenever something changes — and be sure to update everywhere!

Is it really important to put up your schedule?

If your viewers don’t know when you’re going live next, the chances of them ever coming back may shrink. The fact is there are so many streamers out there, so it’s easy to find someone else to watch. Consistency is incredibly important if you are a streamer because it helps viewers fit you into their schedules and routines.

Wrapping Up

Don’t ignore the value of consistency and a regular schedule on your stream — especially if you have big goals for your channel. We hope that this guide has helped you figure out where and how to put your schedule!

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