So you’ve just got accepted for the Twitch affiliate program and you want to start getting in as many subscribers as possible? Well, a good way to get more subscribers is by having a Subscriber goal overlay on your Twitch Stream.

I’m going to break down exactly how to add subscriber goals to your stream using OBS and Streamlabs OBS as well as showing you some places to get interesting graphics for your sub goals.

How To Setup Sub Goals Using Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs has a Sub goal feature built in which makes it really easy to add a sub goal to your stream scene.

Step 1 – Add New Subscription Goal Source

Go to your down to the sources section in Streamlabs and select the + to add a new source.

Then go to widgets and select Subscription Goal –> Add Source.

You will then be asked to give your stream goal a name.

Once you have given your sub goal a name we can then adjust how it looks and start dialling in the specifics of the goal.

Step 2 – Define Your Sub Goal

First up we’re going to set the Goal settings. Title, Goal Amount, Starting amount and End Date.


This is the Title that will appear in your Sub Goal Box.

Goal Amount

This is the target amount of subs you want to reach.

Starting Amount

This is how many subs you currently have. Your sub counter will count up from this number for every sub you get.

End After

This is how many days from today you want the goal to end.

Step 3 – Set Your Visual Settings

Under the visual settings tab you can select 2 different layouts; Standard and Condensed. Personally I prefer the condensed version as it takes up much less room on the screen while getting the job done.

In this section you can also adjust the colors and fonts of the sub counter.

Last you can click Done and place the counter wherever you think it looks best in your scenes. You now have a Sub Goal on your stream.

How To Setup Sub Goals Using OBS

Setting up Sub Goals is a little different in OBS than it is on Streamlabs. To install a sub goal widget on OBS you will want to set up a account.

You will then be able to access the streamlabs dashboard in your browser where you can set up a Sub Goal.

Step 1 – Create A Sub Goal Widget

Go to your Dashboard –> All Widgets –> Sub Goal

Select Sub Goal and in here we can create sub goals similar to how we create them in Streamlabs.

Step 2 – Set Up Your Sub Goal

You will be able to now select the specifics of your Sub Goal such as the Title, Goal Amount, Starting Amount and the goal End Date.

Fill in these settings to your liking and then you can adjust how the sub goal looks in the settings section by changing fonts and colors.

Step 3 – Add Your Sub Goal Link To OBS

Now you have set up the specifics of your sub goal you will be able to add it to OBS using the link provided in your Streamlabs Dashboard.

In the Sub goal section clip copy to copy the URL of your widget.

Now you want to open up OBS and add a new source. Select a browser source and in the URL section paste your widget URL. Your Sub Goal counter will now appear in OBS and you can position it where you want in your scene.

Now you have your Sub Goal counter on your stream ready to pull in more subscribers and make you more money as a streamer.

These Sub Goals Look Bad?

Let’s not lie these basic Sub Goal counters from Streamlabs don’t look all that exciting and probably don’t fit in well with your branding. They’re okay to get started with but eventually you will want to upgrade to something more in line with your brand.

You can add some new sub goals to your stream from paid or free sources. Below is some of the best places to find custom goal counters for your stream.

Where To Find Paid Sub Goal Graphics For Twitch

Nerd or Die

Nerd or Die provide a ton of different stream layouts and widgets. They have some really great packages that are in line with your brand vision. Each of these packas contains a specific widget for follower and sub goals.

Click here to check out Nerd Or Die Stream Overlays provide a wide range of amazing overlays for your stream. Lots of the packs they provide also include Sub and follower goal custom counters. These can really help to make your stream stand out from the crowd.

Click here to Check Our Stream Overlays & Sub Goals

Streamlabs Prime

Streamlabs have a Prime Subscription which gives you loads of extra powerful features for Streamlabs including access to lots of premium stream overlays.

Click here to Check out Stream Labs Prime

Where To Find Free Sub Goal Graphics For Twitch Free Graphics have lots of free graphics alongside their premium themes. These are a great place to start if you’re on a budget.

Click here to check out how to access free stream overlays

Nerd Or Die Free Graphics

Nerd or Die also have a selection of free stream overlays you can add to your stream and an option to “Pay what you want” on some of their overlay options.

Click here to check out their selection of free Stream Overlays

How To Install Custom Sub Counter

To Install a custom sub counter to your stream you will need to add it through your streamlabs dashboard.

Here is a great video showing the Step by Step on how to install:

How To Add Custom Goal Widgets To Your Stream

Wrapping Up

You can now grow your stream and get more subscribers on Twitch by utilizing creative sub goals on your stream. If you want some different ideas for Twitch Sub goals you can check out 12 Sub Goal Ideas For Your Stream.

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