Do you want to add custom alerts to your stream when a viewer donates a specific amount of money. This is a great way to both make donations more fun for your viewers and actually incentivises more donations on your stream. You make more money and your viewers have more fun. What’s not to love?

Let’s jump in and show you how to add custom donations to your stream using Streamlabs.

How To Add Custom Donation Alerts To Streamlabs

To set up custom Donation alerts we need to set it up on rather than the streamlabs application on our computer.

Step 1 – Go to Alert Box Settings

Go to and login with your Twitch account. On the left hand side navigate to Alert Box –> Donations.

This is where we can edit all of the donation alerts on our stream.

Step 2 – Set Up Your Default Alert

The first thing we need to do is set up our default alert. This is the alert that will be shown for all non-specific donations. After this, we will set up specific donation amounts that will trigger a different image and sound.

Set Donation Alerts as Enabled. You can then choose how you want your alert to be displayed. The image is the image you choose for your alert and the text will display the alert message you have configured.

Select the Alert animation that you want. I would recommend sticking with fade in and fade out.

Setting Up The Default Donation Alert

The next step is to configure all of the settings for your donation alert.

Min. Amount to Alert – This is the minimum someone has to donate to trigger the alert. I recommend keeping this at $1 as any donations to your stream should be appreciated.

Min. Amount for Recent Events – This is the minimum someone has to donate to have the event included in your recent events. Again I would recommend keeping this at $1 so you see all of the donations coming into your stream.

Message Template – This is the message that will appear alongside your image alert. Set this to {name} donated {amount}! to show the donators name and amount they have donated.

Text Animation – If you want to animate your text you can set this to an animation you like the look of.

Image – This is where you can upload your custom alert images. If you have an alert pack you can upload the donation alert here or link out to gifs on the internet for example.

Sound – This is where you can upload or link to the sound that will play when someone makes a donation.

Sound Volume – Here you can set the volume of your alerts. You do not want to have your alert sounds be way louder than the other audio levels in your stream.

Alert Duration – This is how long the alert will stay on screen.

You do not need to worry about clipping on donations or Enabling custom HTML/CSS.

Once you have set all of this up for your main donation alert we can start adding custom alerts.

Step 3 – Adding Custom Donation Alerts

Now we can get to adding custom donation alerts for specific amounts of money donated. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and open the “Open Alert Variations” box.

When you open this box you will see the option to add custom alert variations. To give you some ideas of what you might want to add I have included my custom donation alerts below:

As you can see these alerts are triggered when a specific amount of dollars is donated via my Streamlabs donation page.

To add one of these specific donation click on “Add a Variation With Default Settings”.

Editing Your Custom Donation Alert

Below you can see the Editor for your new custom donation alert. There are some changes we need to make to set up this alert to trigger based on a custom donation amount.

I’m not going to go through every setting here as most are the same settings we edited above in the default donation alert. However there are a few that we should pay attention to.

Name – Give your Alert a name that allows you to easily identify the alert when you have a lot of them set up.

Condition – This is what determines when this custom alert is triggered. You can trigger it randomly or when specific parameters are met. To set up a donation that triggers on a specific donation amount select “Donation amount is exactly <amount>”.

In the Frequency box set your exact dollar amount. You can see below on my stream if someone donates $25 they trigger the nuke donation alert.

Once you have set these criteria we can add in the fun stuff. The image and sound.

This is easy to do. If you have an image and sound saved on your computer you can just upload them into Streamlabs by clicking the upload button to the right of the x.

You can then scroll down, click on save and your alert is saved and ready to go on your stream.

You may also want to use links to identify the the image or sound you want to appear. To do this find the link to the image you are looking to use and right click –> Copy link address and then in Streamlabs click on the link button to the left of the x and paste the link. You will then see your image appear like my nuke icon above.

That is your alert now created, click on the save button and continue to add as many custom donation alerts as you like to your stream.

Step 4 – Add The Custom Alert Amounts To Your Stream

There is two ways to go about this. Some people will simply add the description and amount of each alert to their description. This allows fans to trigger the specific alert they want. To do this just simply list out each alert and the donation amount in your Twitch about section.

Other streamers will keep the donation amounts secret and people will try to guess the exact amount to trigger a specific alert. You may even want to hold a competition on your channel where the first person to trigger the alert wins a prize. This can increase donations on your Twitch channel.

That is pretty much all there is to setting up custom donation alerts on your channel. Hopefully you now have some cool alerts that your fans will have fun triggering.

Where Can I Get GIFs For Custom Twitch Alerts?

While you need to be careful of copyright issues lots of streamers will use GIFs from You can search for GIFs that are relevant to your donation alert and paste that link into Streamlabs as we mentioned above.

Right click on the GIF and click copy link address. Paste this image into the Streamlabs image section and you this gif will appear when someone triggers that alert.

Where To Find Custom Alert Sounds For Twitch?

One of the best places to find custom alert sounds is They have a ton of great alert sounds which you can combine with a specific GIF to create a hilarious custom donation alert.

Wrapping Up

You should now be able to easily create custom donation alerts on your stream using the methods above. Enjoy increasing the amount of donations you get on your stream.

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