As a streamer, you probably want your audience to engage actively with you every time you go live on Facebook. But, your audience may find it tiresome to leave comments if your stream lacks the right features.

Fortunately, Streamlabs has a feature to help make audience engagement easier to manage when running your streams. This feature is called a Chat Box, and if you want to understand what it is and how to add it on Streamlabs, all you have to do is read along.

What Is a Chat Box Overlay on Streamlabs

Chat Box overlays on Streamlabs are a simplified view of your audience’s chats during a live stream. This feature helps anyone watching your stream know what other viewers are commenting on because it directly displays chats on their screens. 

The Chat Box feature can be an excellent booster for engagement because it helps your viewer follow through with discussions. Some viewers will chat continuously to see their comments appear, which keeps the action going even when your attention is divided.

How to Set Up a Facebook Chat Box on Streamlabs

Setting up a Chat Box for your Facebook live stream is relatively easy. Follow the steps below to set up your Chat Box.

  1. Open the Streamlabs Desktop Editor Tab.
  2. Click on the + icon next to Sources to add a new source.
  1. Select Widgets.
  2. On the dropdown menu that appears, select the Chat Box option under the Widgets section, and click Add Source.

Alternatively, you can opt to set up Streamlabs Facebook chats using a URL from your Dashboard. This process is a bit more complicated, but here are all the steps you need. 

  1. Log in to the Streamlabs website using your Facebook account.
  1. Go to the Dashboard.
  2. Scroll the left-side panel to find Facebook Pages.
  1. Confirm that the correct Facebook page for your stream is selected, and click Save Preferences.
  1. Select the All Widgets on the left-side panel and click on the Chat Box option.
  1. Copy the Widget URL.
  1. Go to Streamlabs Desktop and access the Editor window.
  2. Click on the + icon next to Sources.
  1. Select Browser Sources.
  1. Click on the Add Source button.
  1. Give your browser a name you can remember and click Add Browser.
  1. Paste the Widget URL you copied and click Close.

Whichever of these two steps you choose to follow, you will be able to see your Chat Box appear on your Streamlabs display. 

How to Set Up a Stream Overlay Chat Box

Stream overlays are background designs that you can put on your stream to make it look more fun and appealing. Streamlabs has thousands of these overlays, and each comes with a Chat Box to match. Here’s how to add a stream overlay Chat Box. 

  1. Access Streamlabs’ Stream Overlay Library.
  2. Select Widget Themes.
  1. Find a Widget Theme that you like, and click Install to get it.
  2. You will get a prompt asking you to open Streamlabs Desktop.
  3. Open Streamlabs Desktop, choose the widget you want to install and click Install.

This will automatically display your new Chat Box on your Streamlabs display. However, keep in mind that these custom overlays are only accessible if you have Streamlabs’ Prime version.

Can I Pop Out Facebook Chats on Streamlabs?

Currently, Streamlabs doesn’t have a pop-out feature for Facebook chats. This feature only exists for Twitch chats. However, the Facebook chat feature is effective as it is.

Can I Change How My Chat Box Looks on Streamlabs?

It is possible to change several elements on your Chat Box. Many streamers want a look and feel that resonates with their content, so Streamlabs has a few adjustments you can make on your Chat Box to make it suit your style. There isn’t much you can change in terms of looks, but here are a few settings you can tweak to make a difference.

  • Background Color: it lets you adjust the color that appears behind your chats to the one you prefer.
  • Theme: it gives you pre-made themes to change your Bhat Box’s overall look.
  • Extra Emotes: these allow emoticons like the FFZ and BTTV to appear in your Chat Box.
  • Custom Bad Words: this is more of a functionality than a way to adjust your Chat Box’s look, but either way, it helps you censor content by creating a list of words you would prefer not to see in your Chat Box.

Is The Streamlabs Chat Box Feature Available on Other Supported Platforms?

Yes. You can use the Chat Box feature on any of the platforms that Streamlabs support. All you have to do is follow the correct installation procedure.

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