How To Add Filters To Streamlabs

When it comes to being the best streamer, you also need to look like the best. Indeed, you first need an excellent webcam that can capture the best traits of your face. Secondly, you need to enhance the capabilities of your video capture device with the proper filters.

Therefore, people will get all your reactios from video games or “just chatting” as you stream. If you want to make yourself look good to your audience, you can follow these steps:

  • Click on the Streamlabs OBS (or OBS Studio) icon and load the program.
  • If you haven’t already, add a source (webcam) to your scene by selecting “Video Capture Device.”
  • Right-click on your webcam source and look for the “Filters” option.
  • Select any of the “Visual Presets” and see how the image changes in the preview.
  • Click on “Done” to save your settings.

Alternatively, you can click the plus sign (+) and add more effects to your video capture device. For example, the “Crop/Pad” feature will let you change the shape of your feed. Another great choice that you can try (if needed) is the “Noice suppression” to enhance the video quality. Lastly, “Video Delay” can help you when your webcam is out of sync with the audio in your stream.

Look for the different options and try them out as much as necessary. If you think that a feature is unnecessary, you can click on the negative sign, and it will disappear from the list.

Supplementary Configurations

You can add unique features from different sources besides the accustomed filters from Streamlabs OBS and OBS Studio. These options can give you some advantages when you’re constantly using your webcam. Furthermore, you can enhance your viewers’ experience by making the video capture part a little bit better.

One of the widespread changes in this section of your stream is adding a “green screen” behind you. With this tool, you can “erase” your background and focus entirely on yourself (and your gaming chair). As a result, your video game screen will have fewer hidden parts. Moreover, you won’t need to move the webcam window to show the exciting aspects of your gameplay.

Additionally, you can add different programs (like Snap Camera) that make your streams more fun. Therefore, you have the option to add interesting filters that modify your webcam feed in exciting ways. For example, you can add 3D masks in front of your face or add scars all over your body.

To make something like this work, you need to run the program and change the video capture device inside Streamlabs OBS or OBS Studio.

Wrapping Up

One way to start your streaming journey is to add innovative elements to your screen. Sometimes, you might need a special filter on your video capture device to create an impression. After a while, people will notice your stream and become amazed by your creative ways.

Most noteworthy, you only need a couple of hours to configure everything. Afterward, when you’re satisfied with the changes, you can show them to the world.

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