Running any successful Discord server is a lot of work, and you can’t really rely on moderators for all of it since they are people with lives and obligations, so you might look for some outside help for management.

This is where Discord bots come in. Bots are helpful add-ons that have commands attached to them and using those commands, you can quickly do things on Discord that would usually require a moderator. One of the bots we’re going to be talking about today is Koya, a very useful technical bot that will help you with all of your management needs.

We’re going to tell you how to add Koya Bot to Discord, some useful commands, as well as anything else you might need to use this bot efficiently. We sincerely hope that you can make the most of Koya Bot and that it can help your server be more efficient!

How To Add Koya Bot To Discord

Adding any bot to Discord is very simple and it only takes a few minutes of your time. This is because Discord is determined to give you the best experience possible. Here’s how to add Koya Bot to Discord:

  1. Go to this site
  2. Click on the Add to Discord button that’s at the top of the page
  1. After that, you will be prompted to select your server. Select it and click on Continue
  1. From there, you have to select all of the actions you want Koya Bot to be able to execute. After you make your selection, click on Authorize
  1. Click on Authorize when the next window pops up
  1. The final step is to select the prefix that you have to use before each command, as well as your language preferences
  1. After that, all you have to do is restart Discord and the bot will be enabled and ready for use

As you can see, all of the steps here boil down to clicking a few buttons and making some tiny adjustments that anyone can do. Now, since you wanted to add the bot to your channel, you’re going to want to know the commands it has. Let’s get on that now.

Koya Bot Commands

For the sake of clarity and simplicity we aren’t going to be adding any prefixes in front of the commands. The default prefix for all of the commands is ^^. You can change the prefix in the bot’s settings, but keep in mind that you should add whichever prefix you choose in front of every command, otherwise it won’t work.

Channel Commands

The channel commands are related to managing channels on your server and can be very useful when you’re trying to manage large portions of your servers at a time.

  • channels add <text or voice category> <channel name> – adds a channel to your server
  • channels delete #channel – deletes a channel
  • channels list [text or voice category] – provides you with a list of channels
  • channels rename #channel # <new name> – renames a channel
  • channels nsfw #channel – makes a channel NSFW
  • ignore_channel add #channel1 – adds a channel to the ignore list
  • ignore_channel add all – adds all channels to the ignore list
  • ignore_channel list – provides you with a list of all ignored channels
  • ignore_channel remove #channel1 – removes a channel from the ignore list
  • ignore_channel remove all – removes all channels from the ignore list
  • announce_channel [channel name or channel ID] – creates an announcement channel
  • announce_channel remove – removes the announcement channel
  • image_channel add #channel1 – adds an image channel to the server
  • image_channel list – provides you with a list of all the image channels on your server
  • image_channel remove #channel1 – removes a chosen image channel
  • image_channel remove all – removes all image channels on your server


The nickname command is great for quickly adding nicknames to users who join your server for the first time.

  • auto_nick <nickname> – adds the chosen nickname to users that join
  • auto_nick remove – removes the automatic nickname function

Join/Leave Message And Image Commands

These commands change up the messages and images users will see upon entering your channel. Use them to provide a friendly atmosphere and a pleasant vibe.

  • join_image <message> – adds an image from the selected message
  • join_image background remove – removes the background of the welcome image
  • join_image on – turns the join image on
  • join_image off – turns the join image off
  • join_message <message> – creates a join message for your server/channel
  • join_message on – turns the join message on
  • join_message off – turns the join message off
  • join_message test – tests the join message
  • join_message remove – removes the join message
  • leave_image <new message> – adds a new leave image
  • leave_image background remove – removes the background of the leave image
  • leave_image off – turns the leave image off
  • leave_image on – turns the leave image on
  • leave_message <new message> – adds a new leave message to the channel/server
  • leave_message off – turns the leave message off
  • leave_message on – turns the leave message on
  • leave_message test – tests the leave message
  • leave_message remove – removes the leave message

Role Commands

Role commands are used when you want to assign a role to each person that joins the server. These commands are great tp have with a bot so you don’t have to add everything by hand.

  • roles list – provides you with a list of server roles
  • roles add <name> [hex color] [hoist on or off] – adds a new roles and defines its color
  • roles delete <role name> – deletes a selected role
  • roles rename <roles name> – renames a selected role
  • roles color <role name> <new hex color> – changes the color of a selected role
  • roles icon <role name> <ImageResolvable> – changes the icon of a role

Those are some of the most useful commands you are regularly going to be using with Koya Bot. As you can see, they cover a variety of topics and can help you with server management immensely.

How To Remove Koya Bot From Discord

Removing Koya Bot from Discord is one of the simplest things you can do since it only takes two clicks. All you have to do is right-click on Koya in your member list and click on Kick Koya. That’s it! You can also click on Ban Koya to permanently remove it from your server.

Why Is Koya Bot Not Working?

It’s not an uncommon occurrence for bots to stop working from time to time, but the fixes for these issues are usually the same for each bot. Firstly, if your bot is not working as you want, then you need to check it the bot’s server is functioning properly. You can do that by checking the bot’s official page.

If everything is working, but it’s still not working, then you should make sure that the bot has all the required permissions to do what you need it to. We’ve already mentioned these permissions in the setup section, so you can try re-adding the bot and applying the permissions immediately.

Wrapping Up

That’s all we have to say about Koya Bot and all the useful things it can bring to your Discord server. Overall, the bot is very useful for general management and other fun things, so we sincerely hope that you have found what you were looking for and that Koya Bot can help you immensely improve your server!

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