Stream alerts are a great way to keep viewers engaged in your stream. Viewers are always excited to see their name on screen when they follow, subscribe or donate. Especially if someone submits a large donation they will definitely want to see that appear on screen, potentially with a message as well.

In this tutorial, we are going to break down how to add Stream alerts to OBS Studio so you can increase the production quality of your stream. Let’s jump in.

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How To Add Stream Alerts To OBS Studio

Stream Alerts are not a feature that is natively built into OBS Studio so we will need to use a third-party application such as Stream Elements or Streamlabs to add them. Below we have outlined a guide for both.

How To Add Alerts To OBS Studio Using Stream Elements

If you do not have a StreamElements account you will need to create one before continuing.

Step 1 – Choose Your Premade Alerts

Luckily StreamElements has a ton of pre-made alert packs built into their software. If you don’t have custom alerts already created you can use these to get started.

Go to StreamElements –> Dashboard –> Streaming Tools –> Overlays Gallery –> Alerts

Streamelements Dashboard

You can then scroll down and choose an alert pack that you like the look off.

Step 2 – Create A New Overlay

I chose the Royal Red Alert pack which is free to use inside StreamElements. Once you select your pack click on Create a New Overlay and click Continue. Give your theme a name and then click Create My Overlay.

Streamelements Alerts

Step 3 – Copy And Paste Your URL Into OBS Studio

You will now be presented with a link that we can add to OBS Studio to showcase our alerts.

Streamelements scene link for OBS Studio

Now open OBS Studio and Navigate to sources –> Add New + –> Browser –> Create New (Name it: StreamElements Alerts)

The below will pop up. In the URL section paste the URL we got from StreamElements and change the width to 1800.

Adding a browser source to obs studio

Click on OK and now your alert box will appear in your scene however nothing will be in the box. To ensure that your alerts are working correctly you can emulate them before going live.

Step 4 – Emulate Alerts In StreamElements

To emulate alerts open up StreamElements and go to your Dashboard –> Streaming Tools –> My Overlays –> Select the Alert Overlay we created previously and click on Edit. This will open the StreamElements editor.

At the bottom of the editor there is an emulate button. Click it and all of the available events will pop up. Click on the one you want and this will send the signal to trigger an alert.

Adding events to streamelements for alerts

When you do this you will see the alert pop up in both Streamelements editor and OBS Studio.

Testing alerts

You now know that your alerts are working in OBS Studio.

How To Add Custom Alerts To StreamElements

If you have a custom alert pack that you have purchased from something like or Fiverr then you can add these manually.

Step 1 – Create A New AlertBox

To do this open up StreamElements –> Dashboard –> Streaming Tools –> My Overlays –> New Overlay — Select Resolution

Inside the editor select Add Widget –> Alerts –> AlertBox

Custom alerts on streamelements

Step 2 – Select & Edit The Alerts You Want To Include

You can now select the alerts that you want to include in your alert box.

Alerts included

To edit each alert click on the settings COG to the right of the alert. Here you can get into the specific details of each alert. To change the image to your custom alert select Set Image and upload your file.

There are also lots of other settings that you can play with here as well such as Animation, Text To Speech and more.

How To Add Alerts To OBS Studio Using Streamlabs is another option to create an Alert Box for our stream. To do this you will need a account. Once you have signed up log in to your dashboard.

Step 1 – Edit Your Alert Box

To access the Alert Box in Streamlabs go click on Alert Box on the left-hand side. As you can see there are some free alert packs included in Streamlabs however if you want more you can sign up for Streamlabs Prime.

On the general setting page you can run through the setting and select the options that you want to enable. For example, you may want to add an Alert Moderation delay if you are allowing viewers to show messages on screen.

Step 2 – Edit Specific Alerts

To Edit specific alerts select the alert you want to edit along the top. You can then edit this specific alert and add your own custom alert image.

To add a new image go down to Image and upload the file from your computer or link to it online.

You can then edit the other specific settings inside that specific alert such as sounds, delays, alert duration etc.

Step 3 – Add Your Alert Box To OBS Studio

To add your Alert Box to OBS Studio copy the Alert Box URL.

Now open OBS Studio and Navigate to sources –> Add New + –> Browser –> Create New (Name it: StreamElements Alerts)

The below will pop up. In the URL section paste the URL we got from Streamlabs and change the width to 1800.

Click on OK and now your alert box will appear in your scene however nothing will be in the box.

Step 4 – How Trigger Emulated Alerts In Streamlabs

To emulate your Alerts in Streamlabs go to your alertbox on and click on “Test Follow” or the specific alert you want to test.

Wrapping Up

You should now have an Alert Box added to your stream ready to showcase new followers, subscribers and donations. This will help to encourage others to follow and take part in your stream.

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