Adding tags to your stream on Twitch is one of the only ways to improve discoverability on twitch. Tags also give potential viewers a a little insight on what they can expect when they join your stream.

Let’s take a look at how you can add tags to your stream then look at some of the best tags you can add to your stream.

How To Add Tags To Your Twitch Stream

1. Click on your profile picture in the top right of twitch and select Creator Dashboard

2. Click on stream manager and select Edit Stream Info

3. A tab will popup with options for your stream. The 5th option is Tags. Here you can add relevant tags to your stream.

How Do Tags Help You Get Discovered On Twitch?

Tags won’t give you any sort of massive boost in the twitch algorithm however they definitely won’t hurt your stream. Tags allow viewers who are looking for a specific thing like cooking to more easily find people who are cooking on stream.

If someone is using tags as a filter to find a new streamer to watch, having tags in your stream makes you show up in them searches therefore giving you more visibility on Twitch.

Tags appear everywhere on Twitch. On the homepage below streams, below the video on a specific stream, game directories and more.

When it comes to standing out as a small streamer, especially in a game with a lot of streamers, adding tags allows you to appear when viewers do a manual search for a tag in that game category. You are now appearing in a much smaller pool of people and have a higher chance of someone clicking on your stream.

What Tags Should You Use On Twitch?

There are hundreds of different tags available on Twitch. Knowing which ones to use really comes down to your specific stream and the game you are playing.

Here are some of the more interesting tags you can add to your stream:

Backseating Allowed – This means that the streamer is happy with people telling them how to improve or be better at the game.

Casual Playthrough – If you’re just playing through a game for fun and not taking it too seriously then this tag is for you.

12 Hour Challenge – If you fancy taking on a challenge and pumping out a 12 hour stream then add this tag to your stream. It should help you rally up some support for your challenge

Competitive – If you’re a competitive player and play hard then add this tag to your stream. Some people love to watch competitive players go at it in games.

Cooking – If you’re cooking you will probably be in the just chatting category. Add the Cooking tag so people looking for cooking streams can find you.

Education – If your stream has an educational aspect to it, add this tag to your stream.

Playing With Viewers – If you enjoy getting your viewers involved in games then add this to your stream. Some people come to twitch to find new people to play with.

Travel – If you’re on the road or doing live streams while travelling add this to your stream. It will definitely help you stand out as people are actively searching for these streams on Twitch.

Can Mods Change Tags On Twitch?

Yes, mods are able to change tags on Twitch as well as being able to change the Title, Category, Audience and Language settings. However they will have to have the “Editor” role to access these features.

To change Tags in mod view click on the sword at the bottom of chat and click the pencil to the right of the stream title. Broadcast options will then appear where you can change the streams tags and other attributes.

Wrapping Up

Tags are not going to blow up your stream but they are and extra way to help get get your stream noticed so it is worthwhile adding them to your stream. Add tags that are relevant to your stream and you may find some extra viewers trickling in.


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