Sharing your clips is one of the best ways to get more eyeballs on your stream. If someone see’s a funny or insane clip there’s a chance they might come to your stream and watch more content. This means you need to get your existing audience to see and share your clips as much as possible to help you grow. In todays tutorial I am going to show you how to automatically share clips from your Twitch channel directly into your discord so you can get more eyeballs on your content.

Let’s jump in.

How To Automatically Post Twitch Clips To Discord

To add this feature to our stream we are going to need to download a couple of extensions.

You can download both of these files by clicking on the links above.

If you don’t like reading you can check out the video tutorial below:

Step 1 – Install Lioranboard On Your Computer

The first thing we need to do is install Lioranboard on our computer. To do this go to the download link and download the zip folder.

Extract this folder to a place of your choice on your computer. Open the folder and navigate to LioranBoard receiver –> LioranBoard Receiver (Application). Open the application.

Lioranboard will ask if you want to go through a tutorial. I would recommend doing this so you can get a better idea of how the app works.

Step 2 – Download OBS Web Socket

Make sure to have your OBS updated to the latest version or you may not see Web socket after install.

Download OBS Web Socket and follow the instructions below to install it. Once you have it downloaded double click the file to install websocket.

Follow the OBS Socket installer and open OBS when you have finished. When you open OBS after installing you will see a prompt to set a password. Make sure to do this.

If you missed this prompt go to tools –> Websockets Server Settings. Here you can set your password. Leave your port as 4444.

Websocket is now installed.

Open Lioranboard Receiver and navigate to options. In options type in your OBSwebsocket password.

Step 3 – Download & Install Clip It Extension

We now need to download the Clip It Extension for Lioranboard. Go to the download link and download the zip file. Extract the zip file to your downloads.

Now open up Lioranboard and select Install Extension and navigate the to clip it .lbe extension file we downloaded.

It will then ask you to select a transmitter. Select the tsl_transmitter file in the Lioranboard folder on your computer.

Click on save and you have now installed the Clip extension and should see it in Lioranboard.

Now we need to close out of Lioranboard and go to the Lioranboard Receiver(PC) folder again. In here you should find a file called “connect”. Delete this file.

Step 4 – Link Lioranboard To Twitch

We now want to re-open Lioranboard Receiver and link it to Twitch. To do this click on Link to Twitch inside Lioranboard. You will see the screen below.

Copy the URL and open a browser that you are logged into twitch with. Paste the URL into the URL bar, however before hitting enter also add the following to the end of the URL: +clips:edit

(If +clips:edit is already at the end or your URL you can skip this step)

Hit enter and you will be asked to authorize on Twitch. You should get a white screen asking you to return to Lioranboard. Before doing that we need to copy down our Auth Token for a future step. It will be in the URL in the section I have highlighted in the below image. Save this somewhere for later.

Once you have done that you should get a message in Lioranboard that “Token was obtained successfully”.

Lioranboard is now successfully linked to Twitch.

Step 5 – Set Up Clip It

Open Lioranboard and click on Connect to OBS.

We then want to go back into our Lioranboard folder and open the Transmitter (tsl_transmitter). We can only connect to Twitch when the transmitter is running. When you open the transmitter it will look like this:

Now in the Lioranboard Receiver click on Connect to Twitch. Everything should connect successfully.

Now scroll down to the “Clip it” button in the Receiver and click on it. You should see the below screen.

Right click on the Clip It Init button and select Edit Commands. In here we need to fill some fields. The first is the authorization token we copied earlier. Paste it into the oauth_token field.

We then need to get a discord web hook for the channel that we want to send our clips to. To do this open discord and navigate to your server and the channel you want to post clips in.

Right click on the channel –> Edit Channel –> Integrations –> Create Webhook (You can name it whatever you want). Click on save and copy Webhook URL.

Paste your webhook into the webhook field.

You can now click Done in the command editor and done in the clip it editor.

At this point restart lioranboard.

Step 6 – Trigger A Clip On Twitch

Now you should be all set up and ready to go. If you want to send a clip to your discord just type !clip in chat and it will clip the last 30 seconds and send that link into the discord channel that you linked.

Anyone in your chat will be able to use this command.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully this tutorial has helped you to set up Lioranboard and automatically send twitch clips to your discord chat. If you have any questions check out the Lioranboard discord chat.

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